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Have you ever wanted to make your design projects stand out from all the rest? Having a unique typeface that isn’t like anything else out there will definitely do the trick to help you make a big impact in either a bold or subtle way. Today, we’re bringing you 20 of the most unique & creative typefaces out there for your use and enjoyment. Let us know if we missed anything so we can include it on any future lists. **All of these typefaces are available for your use through free download or purchase.

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1. HelvetiCandy


Yes, this fully functional font is made entirely out of candy. It’s incredibly hard to resist, and all I want to do is take a big bite out of every letter. What’s great about this font is that it’s “Pay via Tweet or Facebook Share” to download and start using.

2. Organic Font Set from Visual Freaks


This typeface is based on the varying stages of life – birth, death, and everything in between. You can use this typeface to display anything related to life, or represent words and phrases that are meaningful to you.

3. Mincemeat Font


Do you love meat? If so, you can really display some awesome stuff with this mincemeat typeface. It’s crafted entirely out of sculpted meat, and formed into letters that can be used in vector form to illustrate words and phrases.

4. GRIBA Typeface by Agung Maskund

GRIBA Typeface

This experimental typeface features letters with a ‘double line’ element that makes it incredibly unique. It’s fully formatted for multiple languages and comes with a variety of glyphs.

5. DropType


A handmade colorful font created by Filiz Sahin that is entirely free for commercial and personal use. It’s a super fun typeface that is perfect for a multitude of colorful projects.

6. Motorpieces by Cloutier Fonts


This typeface was crafted entirely out of car, truck, and other motor pieces. It’s a fun font that you can color and decorate for any auto related needs. It’s entirely handcrafted and extremely detailed, believe me you’ll fall in love!

7. Vampirevich by Intellecta Design


This typeface has a particularly creepy feeling, and each letter stands out and features unique designs and embellishments. It’s perfect for halloween or anything that needs a little bit of fright and horror.

8. iPhone Emitted Light Typeface

iPhone emitted light into 3D Letter & Font Suite

Marcus Byrne has a love for typography and decided to capture the light made by his iPhone app icons to create a fun 3D typeface free for personal and commercial use. The characters for this typeface were shot completely in the dark with varying degrees of exposure times. It’s a super fun and funky typeface that you can color and change.

9. Mr.Poster by Frisk Shop


This fun handmade font is perfect for design, and features letters that are entirely handcrafted with unique elements. Each letter incorporates entirely different elements, but they all flow together to help you create the perfect piece of typography.

10. SpiderType


Halloween is almost upon us, and this clever font designed by Filiz Sahin mimics real spider webs. It’s a free font for personal and commercial use, and perfect for any spooky projects you’re working on.

11. Blu by LeoKoppelkam


This incredibly complex typeface features a multi-layer design allowing you to incorporate more than one color into the font. It’s easy to use and comes with a Plugin to help you use it without problems in InDesign.

12. Multicolored Font

Multicolored Font

Although not a traditional typeface, it’s a vector file that you’ll need Illustrator to make your own, it’s an incredibly fun font that can be used to jazz up any project. It’s a great tool for designers who want to make intricate and colorful posters or print work.

13. Font Shading by Cloutier Fonts


Now you don’t have to do extra work to add an element of shading to your font. This unique typeface has done extra work for you by having elements of shading incorporated into the font itself.

14. Syrup by Oscar Boskovitz


Syrup is a fun geometric typeface that is similar to a typical stencil design. It’s a fun font that flows and blends together beautifully.

15. Decode Type Family by Max Little


This retro inspired typeface features art deco elements and Gatsby style from the roaring 1920s and 30s. This typeface comes in three styles along with an alternative set of caps. It’s a lot of fun and kinda quirky at the same time.

16. Lilith


This typeface is entirely composed of handdrawn shadow entities. Using this typeface will definitely give your words an unparalleled and unique look.

17. Stitching Font


This font is based off the look and feel of traditional cross-stitching. According to the designer Filiz Sahin, “Each letter is handmade using a combination of two overlapping RGB colors. The colors are lines of 90 and 45 degrees handmade cross-stitch. The idea of RGB Alphabet grew out of my interest in handmade typography, the connections between color and form. “

18. GURU Typeface by NovoType


This multilayered font was created specifically for use by designers. You’ll find five different layers as a part of this font to completely change and alter it to however you choose, giving you the option of having five different fonts.

19. Molecule Font


For anyone who loves science, is in the medical field, or is doing a science related project this awesome molecular typeface is just the thing you need.

20. Colourful Type Set by Visual Freaks


This incredibly colorful typeface is designed to jump off the page with it’s cool geometric shapes and contrasting colors. Use it to really make your words jump off the page.

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