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Tumblr is one of those websites that I could spend days on, just looking around for inspiration, wasting time, or just for a good laugh. There are so many blogs that share interesting images, cool stories, meaningful thoughts, and inspiring quotes. Today, I’ve compiled a list of tumblr blogs you should be following if you need a little inspiration, a good laugh, or want to look at cool stuff.

1. Photojojo:


This tumblr blog consists of awesome photography. You’ll find funny images, inspiring designs, and much more. It’s a great place to see interesting items and ideas photographed in a cool way.

2. Creative Something:


On this tumblr blog you’ll find a series of intriguing posts by Tanner Christensen, a designer of tools and resources for creatives. He publishes a variety of interesting posts that have to do with creativity and inspiration. Often times these are long-form articles, but they’re definitely worth the read. Check out a few of my favorites:

3. Lauren Lemon:


I’m not quite sure what it is exactly that draws me to Lauren’s tumblr. It’s a little bit quirky, and it’s definitely unique…but her photos also have that special something that’s hard to find. Enjoy perusing her photos for hours on end. I do!

4. Creative Market:


Are you a graphic designer, web developer, or someone passionate about beautiful design made simple? Creative Market showcases a multitude of resources ranging from fonts to graphics to WordPress themes on their Tumblog.

5. Mental Floss:


Do you ever just need your pop culture fix? Mental floss finds the best stuff out there on the internet that will definitely capture your attention and shares it with you.

Discover interesting information like:

6. BeType:


Completely obsessed with cool typefaces and interesting typography? BeType curates some of the most unique examples of fonts used in typographic designs, and showcases the latest fonts out there you can use for creative work.

7. Gamefreaks:


Totally obsessed with video games, computer games, and the graphic designs they feature? This tumblr blog is a place where game lovers can come together and appreciate high quality, amazing animation.

8. Newsweek:


Here, you’ll find everything from news and trends to pop culture and media. It’s the Newsweek tumblr, so you’ll see everything from Miley Cyrus twerking to real news.

9. Nerdology:


Alright, admittedly, I am a nerd. A total and complete nerd. Not only do I work at a start-up, but I’ve watched and own every season of BattleStar Galactica and Stargate SG-1. The nerdology tumblr is my home away from home where I can indulge myself with awesome tid-bits of science-fiction humor and other nerdy things.

10. Lol Factory:


Sometimes the best inspiration comes from laughing. Also, laughing can be extremely therapeutic and a great outlet during times of stress. Lol factor is definitely a tumblr blog to follow simply because you won’t be able to stop yourself from laughing at all the funny images.

11. Humans of New York:


Photos of people walking around and living in New York, many of which are asked questions like, “What is the happiest moment of your life?” Sometimes the photos come with interesting excerpts to tell you a little more about the people behind the images, sometimes you have to draw your own conclusions.

12. Mid-Century Modern Design:


Exactly as the title of the blog infers, this tumblr blog is a showcase of vintage designs from book covers, magazines, and more curated by Theo Inglis, a graphic designer based in the UK. It’s a great blog to follow for graphic design inspiration with a vintage yet modern feel.

13. Awkward Stock Photos:


I’m not sure why anyone would actually want to purchase some of these stock photos, but apparently there’s a market for images like these…somewhere…

14. Now You’re Cooking:


Are you a foodie? I’m constantly online searching for new and interesting recipes that I can try at home or that I can tweak and alter to match the flavors and texture I’m looking for. This tumblr blog is perfect for anyone who loves food, recipes, and everything cooking related.

15. Cute Animals:


No one can help but smile at cute pictures of puppies, kittens, and little fluffy baby animals. It’s practically near impossible to not have a grin on your face, and chuckle a little when you see some of the most adorable animals out there.

16. Typostrate:


This tumblr blog highlights interesting typefaces, provides free font resources, and showcases the amazing things you can do with type.

17. Clients from Hell:


Having a tough day and feeling like you have the most demanding and difficult client…Well, you’re not alone. Check out what other people are going through with some not-so-easy to handle clients.

18. Three Hands Project:


This cool and quirky art blog has a multitude of cool illustrations that really are quite amazing. Here, you can share your own artwork or get inspired by the amazing pieces selected by the editors.

19. Nerdy Facts:


I’m definitely a self-proclaimed nerd at heart. I love everything related to science fiction, comic books, and everything in between. Nerdy facts compiles the coolest information a nerd could ever want into one place.

20. Reasons my son is crying:


This tumblr blog is actually dedicated to all of the reasons why children cry. You’ll see funny images with captions submitted from people around the world as to why their children are crying.

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