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If there’s one thing that truly evolved throughout these thousand years, that would be ceramics. Its origins can be traced from the time of ancient civilizations, noted for ceramics include the Chinese, Cretan, Greek, Persian, Mayan, Japanese, and Korean cultures. Up until today, this art still thrives. Ceramic art refers to objects made from clay. But nowadays, the term includes all non-metallic products that involve heat in the process.

A Broken ICON – ART by Boazlevi

The word ceramics came from the Greek word “keramikos” meaning “pottery”. Long before, it was strongly associated with the coiling method, a process where strings of clay were used to form shapes and consequently pots. Some ceramic products are regarded as fine art, while others are regarded as decorative, industrial or applied art objects. They may be made by one individual or in a factory where a group of people design, make and decorate the ware. Decorative ceramics are sometimes called “art pottery”.

Today, the basic clay can be made into almost anything. With the use of heat, artists use clay to carve masterpieces according to what their imagination dictates. To give you an idea, here are 20 samples of ceramic arts that offer limitless possibilities. Enjoy!

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Sculptural Vessels by Janice Cormier by Xabier Subijana Letamendia

Self-Portrait Bust – Fall 2010 by CydneyRoss

Ceramics by Katie Moore

‘Would You Like a Half Cup of Tea?’ by brealynhallich

Apple Vases by Stephanie Chu

Raku angels by Ingrid Hernvall

Paper Crane by Lori Sabina Piecyk

Earth and Fire by Pablo Pineda

Land Schaft by Majaaleksandra

Ceramics by Goeun

Delicate ceramic art by Valeria Nascimento

Heated by Calvin Ma

Reserved by Calvin Ma

Shimmi Schadegg by Raymond Inauen

HALO by Katherine Dube

Rings by Katherine Dube

Aeronaut’s Tableware by David Gomez

Potter’s Ship by David Gomez

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