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100 Awesome Jim Morrison Quotes about Life, Love, and Music

Rock music legend Jim Morrison, perhaps best known as the charismatic lead vocalist of The Doors, was an American singer-songwriter who became an enduring and influential figure in rock and roll history. His colorful life and early death at the…

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100 Awesome Brother Quotes To Celebrate Your Siblings

How many times have you fought with your brother in this lifetime? There will definitely be a few different answers to this question. Some may say that their brother is their biggest rival. This means that they probably compete in…

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60 of the Best Napoleon Hill Quotes from Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill is believed to be the most influential author in terms of self-help and attainment of success. Some literary experts even tag him as the founder of the self-help genre. Hill’s writing strongly reflects the philosophy that your mind…

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50 Inspirational Amelia Earhart Quotes To Help You Chase After Your Dreams

Her life story belongs to the world’s top unsolved mysteries. Since her disappearance in 1937, countless speculations and theories have arisen in an attempt to give a logical explanation as to why the famous American aviator’s remains are yet to…

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50 James Baldwin Quotes and Sayings that will Feed Your Soul

James Arthur “Jimmy” Baldwin was not just another writer. He was a novelist, a social critic, an essayist, a playwright, and a strong advocate for equality. His works have inspired millions of people worldwide, and his story is one that…

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100 Albert Camus Quotes On Life, Writing, and the World

Born poor in a working-class neighborhood in French-Algeria, Albert Camus gained a unique perspective about life from which he spawned one of the greatest philosophies of the absurd. Life wasn’t always easy for Camus. But he learned so much from…

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100 Nicholas Sparks Quotes That Will Make Your Heart Melt

He is best known for his breakthrough novel called The Notebook. When it was adapted into a film in 2004, various award-giving bodies recognized the brilliance of the plot. It sent hopeless romantics to a frenzy after it gave them…

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