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Use these tips to enhance your Google searches and save time browsing a long list of possible sites.


1. Need a quick answer to a question? Certain requests are automated to your region, such as the weather, and general searches like calculations and quick facts are found with just one word in the search bar.

2. A keyword will take you to a list but by using filters you can define that search. At the top of the Google page you will find ‘search tools’. Click the filter(s) relevant to your specific search requirement to narrow down the results.

3. If you want to find web pages that are similar to a specified page type in the word – related: and then the web address.

4. Want some fun? Go to Google Playground where you can explore topics in a whole new way.

5. For website specific searches prefix your search with the word – site: followed by the site

6. The same applies for links used within a particular site. Type in the word link: then the name of the website.

7. Lost a website? You can search Google’s cache by typing in cache: and then the website name. Make sure not to leave a space between the word cache and the URL.

8. Need a specific document? Type in the topic of the document you require and then the modifier ‘filetype : For example for a PowerPoint presentation it would read – topic of presentation then filetype:ppt

9. Do you love some wallpaper, a chair, a poster you’ve seen? Utilize Google’s reverse image search at

10. Also on the images tab is the new search filter for GIF’s and animated pictures. Go to search tools, select animated under the any type dropdown. To further enhance the picture make sure you have a transparent background. To do this select transparent under the any color dropdown list.

11. Just for fun make Google do a barrel roll. Type into the search bar – ‘Do a barrel roll’ and the page will flip!

12. Fancy a walk in the Antarctic? Google maps will take you and your penguin pointer around the ice packed shore.

13. Want your own customized Google search? Type in goglogo in the search bar then click ‘I’m feeling lucky’ (preferences may need to be altered) Then enter your name into the new search bar and up pops your own Google!

14. Walk a street anywhere in the world. Type in a location into Google maps search and grab the pegman and place him into the map. For extra fun pegman will be dressed up on specific occasions. See here:

15. Need to know where a flight is? Track a flight by typing in the airline and flight number and you will get arrival and departure times and also the flight’s status.

16. Don’t want to miss a favorite TV show? Click in the name of the show. At the bottom there is a feature ‘remind me about new episodes?’ Click it and get reminders.

17. Need to know where businesses are in a city? Type in an asterisk once you are in Google maps. Each location will be visible with an appropriate symbol

18. In a hurry? Hit ‘Control F’ on a PC or ‘Command F’ on a Mac and then the words you want to find. Improves your search speed by 12%.

19. Want to time travel? Type in ‘Google in 1998’ in the search bar to display the way the site used to look.

20. Want or need to keep your browsing history secret? Click the incognito mode ensuring the pages you visit are not recorded.

21. Need a movie review? Type in and then the movie title.

22. There is no Google search in China but have fun anyway trying. Google search in China

23. Kitten cuddles your thing? Type in Meow Me Now using your location to find them.

24. Want your own flight simulator? Type in [CTRL] + [ALT] + [A] in Google Earth

25. Make sound effects with Google Translate. Example – translated from German to German gives you a machine/lawnmower sound.

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