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Let’s face it, we all need to eat in order to survive. Today we collected some innovative home and kitchen products that you can own! We have managed to handpick everyday high quality products for conventional purposes. Why not spice your life up a little and make your kitchen a better place to work? We hope you will find the products listed below cool, clever, and creative. Click on the image, link, or header and it’ll lead you to Amazon, where all this cool stuff is available. Enjoy!

Hopside Down Beer Glass

This Hopside down glass-in-a-glass keeps beer colder longer on the inside with no condensation on the outside. Enjoy your next tall, cold one in this fun, lightweight double-walled glass. It keeps up to 12 ounces of your favorite brew or beverage icy cold longer without breaking a sweat… literally! No more warming your beer with your hands. The Double-wall helps insulate your drink.

Buy $12.99

Strawberrry Slicer

Dress up the simplest dessert with slices of fresh strawberries! This red strawberry shaped slicer has a stainless steel blade and will slice your strawberry into perfectly even slices.

Buy $0.50

The Go Plate

The Go Plate is the answer to mobile socializing. Hold your plate and drink in one hand easily, then eat, greet, and cheer with the other hand. They’re perfect for tailgating, picnics, outdoor concerts, street fairs and more. The Go Plate has a specially engineered center cone that accommodates glass bottles and aluminum cans, resting comfortably and snugly around them, and it has a specially designed ridge that can also accommodate standard 16/18-ounce plastic cups. To enjoy your beverage, you just lift The Go Plate off.

Buy $14.99

Angel & Devil Salt & Pepper Shakers

Got the bland food blues? Not to worry. The SPICIES will come to the rescue to add zip and zest – to each his own taste.

Buy $16.90

Leg Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

The Leg Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet is a fantastically unique alternative to standard bottle openers. Release your cheeky side with a fun novelty gift to cause a stir at any function.

Buy $21.31

Industrial French Fry Cutter

Cuts up to 50 lbs. of potatoes into restaurant style french fries in an hour!

Buy $64.98

Grip Tray by Joseph Joseph

Don’t spill that drink! The Joseph Joseph Grip-Tray Serving Tray makes it ever so easy to take drinks from kitchen to table without spilling a drop (tripping aside). Made of high-quality ABS plastic and featuring deep sides and large carry handles, along with a rubber underside, this tray can be used as a lap tray as well as serving tray.Joseph Joseph was founded by twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph in 2003, combining their respective experience in product design and business. The Joseph Jose

Buy $20

Masu Serving Tray

Provides an elegant yet modern way to serve sushi, sashimi or bread and oil.

Buy $110

Pop Art Toaster

Mealtime and snack time will never be the same! The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker is a unique all-in-one table top appliance that will bake muffins, quickbreads, cakes, brownies and pancakes/waffles in one compact unit. It can even cook donuts and eggs! Using virtually any liquid batter, your food will bake in about one third the time in the 7 kid friendly molds. Promote healthy eating with yummy whole wheat pancakes in your kids favorite shapes.

Buy $21.00

Ice Core Beer Pitcher

Polar pitcher is the plastic beverage system that is now being used in bars restaurants hotels and homes. Inspired by the restaurant customers desire for cold draft beer from the beginning of the pitcher to the bottom the polar pitcher system is the new way to keep beverages cold redefining how patrons are served in the hotel/restaurant setting. By using a patented ice core center polar pitcher efficiently cools beverages keeping them icy cold when they are decantered in the pitcher.

Buy $19.50

Homemade Cookie Stamper

In an age where we buy everything from hot chickens to frozen yogurt at the supermarket, it can be refreshing to explore the home baking aisle and go home ready to make your own cookies.

Buy $15

Digital Wine Thermometer

Enjoy your wine at the proper temperature with Trudeau’s Digital Wine Thermometer. The self activating devise clips around a wine bottle and provides the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, with suggested temperatures for popular red and white wines printed in the stainless steel band.

Buy $17.13

Zombie Bottle Opener

Are you dead tired of opening your favorite beverage with an ordinary bottle opener? You need the Zombie Bottle Opener from the NeatoShop. This handcrafted bottle opener makes the perfect flesh eating friend. Zombies may seem mindless and clumsy, but they are really extremely helpful people.

Buy $12.95

Oil & Vinegar Pipette Glasses

An attractive bowl that when combined with two of our pipette glasses makes an innovative plat-de-ménage. The exciting boat shape of the bowl and its weightiness make a decorative feature and protect the table top from drips. Use our new plat-de-ménage for oil and vinegar for salads, maple syrup and honey for breakfast or pesto and truffle oil for Italian dishes. The pipette glasses are perfect for all situations where a drop or two of extra flavor can make all the difference.

Buy $80.00

Chef’n Strawberry Huller

Remove strawberry stems with ease with the StemGem strawberry stem remover from Chef’n. It’s easy to use; simply insert the StemGem into strawberry, twist and remove the strawberry stem. It removes the stem and leaves the strawberry intact!

Buy $7.67

Battle Ship Ice Cube Tray

An iceberg may have taken down the titanic, but it won’t sink this cool Battleship Ice Cube Tray from Kikkerland. Designed by Jan Habraken, this fun silicone ice tray is sure to be a hit at your next party.

Buy $7.99

Mini Donut Factory

Make delicious mini-donuts in minutes without deep frying. Easy to use with boxed mixes or your own favorite recipes. Mon-stick surface releases donutsinstantly and makes clean up a breeze. Enjoy this healthier breakfast option.

Buy $17.55

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

Set of three drinking cups shaped like your favorite 3 keyboard keys!

Buy $8.98

BBQ Branding Iron

Does that perfectly cooked steak have your name written all over it? It does now. This fun and functional BBQ branding iron lets you brand outgoing messages on every piece of meat that leaves your grill. With every letter of the alphabet, plus extra letters and spacers, you can spell out almost anything; the possibilities are endless. Metal branding iron with wooden handle Includes every letter of the alphabet, plus extra letters and spacers. Easy to use, just slide letters onto the letter track, no tools needed.

Buy $22.45

Back to the Roots Oyster Mushroom Kit

Homegrown goodness has never been so easy with the Back to the Roots mushroom kit! Back to the Roots gourmet mushroom kit enables urban apartment dwellers, suburban homeowners to rural farmers to quickly and easily grow up to a pound and a half of gourmet oyster mushrooms. Contained in each kit is a special mixture of recycled coffee grounds and mushroom seeds encased in a compostable box with a spray mister. Removal of either of the two perforated sides will reveal coffee grounds covered in a white layer called mycelium—the root of the mushroom.

Buy $21.18

Accoutrements Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet

This magnet looks just like one of those fancy ice and water dispensers found on the door of most high-end refrigerators. Closer inspection, however, will reveal some peculiar options like “Frozen Yogurt,” “Nacho Cheese,” and “Chicken Wings.” Sure to frustrate your friends as they desperately press the “French Fries” button to no avail!

Buy $7.99

Dexter Apron

For the Marinara Spatter Expert in your life, might we recommend a Dexter Apron? This black vinyl apron will keep you clean whether you’re slicing up a bushel of tomatoes, a chicken carcass, or a serial killer. An adjustable neck strap ensures that all your vital body parts are covered. Be meticulously clean while you methodically follow your favorite recipes and leave no evidence that you were ever slaving away in the kitchen.

Buy $24.99

Joseph Joseph Folding Colander

The Joseph Joseph folding colander is great space saving solution for the kitchen. This patented colander folds completely flat for easy storage in the kitchen. It uses twelve live hinges to achieve its transformation from flat to colander. Once in the locked position food is safely contained in the colander. Made from dishwasher safe polypropylene.

Buy $19.36

Kikkerland Robot Tea Infuser and Drip Tray

Use this charming robot stainless steel tea infuser to prepare your favorite loose tea. His arms and hands move to create a custom fit to your favorite tea mug. Rest him on the included drip tray when your tea is steeped. Use his antennaes to open and close.

Buy $11.58

iPad Chef Sleeves

Specifically designed for chefs that use their iPad in the kitchen, the Chef Sleeve allows cooks to take advantage of their favorite cooking app and not have to worry about getting ingredients all over their iPad. Just slide your iPad into a sleeve, peel off the re-sealable strip to close and you’re ready to go. Simply dispose or recycle each sleeve when you’re done. Chef Sleeve is also great outside the kitchen. Use it at the beach, the park, or under the hood of your car. You can now let your kids use your iPad with their pudding covered fingers; the Chef Sleeve has solved the screen safety issues for anyone with the skills to crack an egg.

Buy $19.99

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