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Inspiration plays an important role in the web design process. Keeping up and checking out the latest trends is a great way to see what is working and what you should avoid.

The most vital part of the website, along with functionality, is the way it looks. The 1990’s are over, meaning ugly websites should not even exist. Let’s face the truth, people judge by looks all the time. You think a cute girl, or guy for the women, isn’t going to get noticed as soon as he/she enters an overcrowded Starbucks? I’ll let you figure that out yourself…

Presenting a beautiful website to a first time visitor will make them stop for a second and say, “Wow, this site is pretty sexy!” Why look foul when you can look good? Focusing on designing a gorgeous website for any niche/industry is totally worth it, especially if it’s your brand.

Today we collected twenty-five outstanding web designs that will make any designed drool. Enjoy!


Source | Weather (20141027)


Agigen (20141027)


Goldee - Smart Light Controller (20141027)


Credit Card Processing & Business Solutions | Square (20141027)


Segmentation - Mixpanel | Mobile Analytics (20141027)


Create A Free Online Portfolio Website | Dunked (20141027)

Bench — Bookkeeping Services for Your Business (20141027)


Aviate, The intelligent homescreen that simplifies your phone. (20141027)


PRINTABOOK (20141027)


Mod Notebooks | A Paper Notebook That Syncs To The Cloud (20141027)


Schnapps for Sketch and Photoshop (20141027) 


LIFX - the smart wifi light bulb (20141027)

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