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It’s incredible to see how far we have come as a human civilization. What used to be dreams, like flying airplanes, are now a reality. Just like man evolved throughout time, technology will be far more advanced in 2100 than it is today. Although I will not live to see that happen, I really hope the generations after us will appreciate out hard work. I hope these amazing man-made marvels will get your creativity juices flowing. Enjoy!

Note: All photos were collected from They collect and share some of the best images in the world. Quality control on their website is an essential element.

The Angel of Death Plane

Plane flying over building

Swiss Airbus over Alpes

Refueling the-B-2 Spirit

Red Baron Boeing Above Arizona

Rail Road Crossing

Freediver over the airplane wreck in the Bahamas

Ice Covered car by the frozen lake Geneva

Water skiers, new world record

Heritage Flight Over Manhattan, New York

Harry Potter train in Scotland

Intermodal Train in northern Ontario, Canada

Marines going into Tiltrotor Squadron

Frozen truck

Audi S5 on the road

A miner and the drill machine

Brienzer Rothorn Mountain, Switzerland

Titanic’s Propellers

Silver Veritas RS III Roadster

Colors of Vespa

Salt Desert After the Rain, Bolivia

F-16 Falcon

The first rocket launch from Cape Canaveral 1950

The Planet Solar Boat

Wind energy farm

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