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Generally speaking, we have all seen North American and European design style. Even though we love it and apprishiate it, it never hurts to look farther. When you are designing a website it’s a great idea to gain creativity from other cultures. There are multiple benefits for doing this, one of the biggest is being inspired to create something new!

These days its very rare to stumble upon a Korean website. For this reason, we decided to do the leg for you. While researching for these sites, we discovered that Korean websites tends to be colourful with light background. Also heavy usage of flash gives Korean design personality and uniqueness.  We hope you will enjoy the following web designs, and spot out other differences that we might of missed.

1. Cooldcm

2. Krispykreme

3. Jejuwater

4. Olleh

5. Bingtogether

6. Crown

7. Seorakwaterpia

8. Bluecanyon

9. Chess

10. Ufotown

11. Skmnc

12. Solbornvi

13. Daum

14. Happybean

15. lluon

16. Ledhaus

17. Chiffs

18. Applenews

19. Bokuk

20. Charlottetheater

21. Jisanresort

22. Thesharp

23. Swconst

24. Skecherskorea

25. Mrpizza

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