One might think that wood business cards are just a concept. Well, today we would like to tell you that it’s a growing reality. Custom Business cards are an icebreaker that could help your future. Making friends in you industry is always a must. At most times, a business card includes your name, identity, contact information, addresses, phone number, fax number, email addresses, website and other social media networks.

Spicing thing up and making your card memorable will allow you to stay out of the trashcan after the conversation. Trust me, it’s not even funny how much business cards businessmen see. What makes you better or more unique that that other guy/gal? Your creative ideas! When you hand that potential client/partner a wooden business card they will be stunned. It’s not usual and it todays fast pace society it will bring them back down to earth.

Today we have hand-selected the best wooden business card examples. As always, all of the images are linked to their original source.

1. Mike James

2. Walts Wood Works

3. Giorgio Parise

4. Woodhouse

5. Murillo Design

6. Morgan Seibert Wooden Business Card

7. RDA Wooden Business Cards

8. Fifth Floor Gallery

9.  Derek Powaxer Wooden Business Cards

10. Korner Saunabau Wooden Business Cards

11. James Jack

12. Courtney Danforth

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