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Creating a website for an event is the smart thing to do. Why? Because people will constantly ask you about the speakers, dates, times, price, programs, attendees, venue, partners, etc. Answering a few small questions here and there isn’t too difficult, however if every single person drowns you in a pool full of questions you’ll get highly annoyed. If you have a website for the event, you can easily refer people to it for more information.

If you or your agency recently acquired a contract to build a website for a conference, festival, or any other kind of event we got you covered. Below you will find 25 well-built event websites that will inspire you. Be sure to keep things simple and straight to the point. As you will see below, every websites focuses on the most important information like:

  • Date and Time.
  • Speakers
  • Price
  • Location
  • Sponsors
  • A sentence, of two, describing what the even is about.

After that you should create separate pages which will contain detailed information about the event. Try aiming for a visually pleasing layout across the board. This will be very beneficial to the people interested. We hope you’ll find this showcase beneficial. Enjoy!

Interlink Conference


Lemon Festival


WMC Fest


Do Lectures


Dconstruct 2012


Cheese and Pineapple


Crafting Type


Queen City Merge


Build Responsively


Industry Conf


Build 2012


Kansas City Design Week


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