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Dribble is packed with talented and skillful designers. If you didn’t know by now Dribbble is a show and tell community for web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types. You can share sneak peeks of your work/projects. These sneak peeks are called “shots” – usually 400 x 300 pixels of the design you’re working on.

To get invited or ‘drafted’ into Dribbble is extremely challenging.  When somebody is drafted, they cannot invite their friends right away. Designers who’ve been on Dribbble for a few months or so, and are constantly active, will start to receive invites to give away. The entire idea is to invite good/great designers. Their work will speak for itself.

Other members of the community will be able to see who you’ve invited and judge the quality of their work. If you invited somebody who’s clearly not a designer, you can pretty much bet that you wont get any more invites to give out in the future. The entire idea of Dribbble is to only invite talented designers. If everybody who claims to be a ‘designer’ could sign up for the website, Dribbble would simply become a spam outlet with ugly designs and eventually fall apart.

The creators of the website fully understood this when they started Dribbble in 2009, that’s why they created this kind of invite system.

Now that you know about the basic of Dribbble, it’s time to segue into the heart of this post.

Have you ever wondered what kind of office/workspace/setup do these designers have? I did.

I began to search for workspaces posted on Dribbble. From my findings, most of the designers use Apple products. Without getting into the childish Mac vs PC debate, I would like for you to simply focus on their workspace. This isn’t one of those opinionated articles that’s designed to spark controversy among the audience in order to generate thousands of pageviews. This is simply a roundup for you to see what kind of atmosphere talented designers operate in. Enjoy!

Note: If you click on the designers name it will take you to their personal/ agency website. The image goes to the original shot on Dribbble.

Seth Ely


Per Vestman


Andrew Lucas


Scott Dunlap


Michael Smith


Shane Helm




Callum Chapman


Jack Bingham




Adham Dannaway

Workspace of Adham Dannaway

Gert Jan Lodder

Workspace of Gert Jan Lodder

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