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Do you strive for excellence? 

It can’t be denied that most of us strive for excellence. With our desire to be the best, we tried hard enough to juggle work, family and our own life. It is not uncommon to see people wrestle with every aspects of life just to get the most out of it. As human being, it is in our nature to believe that to be the best we have to deal with everything about life. We believe that we have to excel and be perfect in all fields of life. We are driven by the thought of perfectionism and because of that we failed to see the true meaning of being the best.

Striving For Excellence vs. Striving For Perfection

Excellence is far too different from perfectionism and yet many people believe that striving to be perfect means striving to be the best. To strive to be perfect is like doing everything and yet not achieving anything. On the other hand, striving for excellence is focusing your skills and talents into something which can help you achieve your goals. Perfectionism is unattainable while “to be the best” is just within your reach.

Excellence is simply to be THE BEST THAT YOU CAN and not to be the best in everything. Here are the three C’s that will help you achieve the best version of yourself.



These days, it seems that confidence is running out of supply. A lot of people don’t believe in themselves. According to researches, 62% of girls feel insecure about themselves and 51% thought that boys have lower self-confidence when it comes to their body image. When it come to trying things out it seems that most people lack confidence with themselves which hold them back to do their best.

Confidence plays an important role in building one’s personality. In our society, we have to be well-aware that self-confidence affects the way others see us as a person and more importantly how we see ourselves. We cannot exude our inner strength unless we learn to build self-confidence. But what really is self-confidence and how can we develop it within ourselves?

Self-confidence is defined as one’s belief that he can do the things he is supposed to do. A person with self-confidence knows what and where he is good at and knows his value. It is often confused as arrogance although these two are distinctively different. A self-confident person knows what he can do based on his ability, skills and past experiences while an arrogant person has high-beliefs that he can do certain things even if he lacks abilities, skills and experiences. Over-assessment of self means arrogance while self-assessment based or closed to reality is self-confidence.

Boosting self-confidence is not as complicated as most people think. By simply living healthy you can boost your confidence. Additionally, positive outlook can fuel confidence; you also have to learn how to handle pressure and stress well that it will not affect your capacity to think well and decide smarter.



One way to fully harness your skills and talents is to find the balance between life and work. But you can never be successful in finding work-life balance unless you know how to stay focus towards what you truly want to achieve that is why your concentration on things that really matters is very important. But how can you find focus in your life?

Here’s a fact: Life is full of distractions. Wherever you go, whatever you do, distractions will always be present and it might pose a challenge on how you maintain focus on what really matters. Focus is very difficult to attain for a person whose mind wanders in so many things. You can never make use of your ability to their best if you are distracted.

The primary step you need to do to develop a focus mind is to determine your priorities. Sure, there might be so many things to worry about, so many things you need to do and 24-hours a day, 7-days a week is not enough to cover it all. But the question is; do you really have to do it all? Weigh things out. Assess what are the things that matters which needs your attention. Once you have sort things out, you can put your concentration to one task at a time. If it is possible you can delegate less important things to other people are willing to help you.

When you improve your focusing ability, you have greater chance in achieving balance in your life which can motivate you to be a better person.



Change is constant. Cliché as it is but true and this can post a challenge to most of us. We fear change, we fear to do something new and we fear to go out of our comfort zone. But in this world, we only got two options; adapt or die. Thus, we have to summon the courage within us to face the changes that comes along the way.

Courage is considered to be one of the greatest foundations that build a person’s personality. When you have courage, it means you have the attitude to never back down whatever the adversity and challenges are. The journey “to be the best that you can be” is never easy. For sure, there would be road blocks and hurdles but you can never surpass the challenges if you don’t have enough courage to face it. Remember, overcoming your fear can shape you to become a better person in the future.

Wrapping Up

Let’s face it; seeking for the best version of ourselves takes a lot of effort. However, we must understand that it is not about getting the most of everything. It is about making use of what we have to be the best. And once we have learned how to leverage the skills and talents we have to make us a better person, it can be a rewarding feeling that will fuel us to do more.

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