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Having the best looking blog you can possibly design will not matter much if nobody ever sees your blog. Traffic is a very important part of blogging and you have to gain more than just any type of traffic. You need targeted traffic that will actually enjoy and use the content you have included on your blog.

Driving targeted traffic to your blog can be difficult. Many bloggers already have a natural talent for writing and they have passion for the subject they are blogging about, but marketing their blog may not be something they are good at.

If you are not able to get people to visit your blog, it will be like a book that has been buried deep within the ground. You need people to visit your blog and read your message. This means you have to know how to drive traffic to your blog. Here are three of the best ways for any bloggers to get traffic to their blog.

1. Driving Traffic to your Blog with Guest Blogging

The newest and most popular way to get traffic to your blog is to harness the power of other blogs in your industry. If you are a writer, this marketing method will be very easy for you. All you have to do is find other blogs, in your industry, and provide them with content. In return, you get to include a couple of your own links within the post or in a resource box at the end of the post.

Start by creating a list of the top blogs in the same industry as yours. Don’t forget to consider blogs that are similar to yours, but are not about the same exact thing. For example, if your blog is about weight loss, you still want to include blogs about general health subjects.

Now, contact the owners of each blog and ask them if they allow guest posts on their blog. You may also want to ask them what subjects they may consider and if they have any guidelines for guest posts on their blog. If they do allow guest posting, offer to create a post for their blog in exchange for linking back to your blog.

Finally, create the guest post, keeping their guidelines in mind, and submit it for their review. Ask the blog owner to send you a link to the post when it goes live. Then, check over the post and make sure they did not change your links or any of your content. Most blog owners will not change anything without telling you, but you just want to double check.

With guest posting you get two major benefits: traffic from the blogs your posts are on, and link building from the blogs your posts are on. This means you can get targeted traffic from other industry blogs and you can gain higher ranking on the search engines from the backlinks you get.

2. Using Blog Commenting Properly

There are two ways to use blog commenting and one of them is a complete waste of your time. If you use an automated tool to blast your blog comments out to hundreds or even thousands of blogs, then you are using the wrong method. This is outdated and many bloggers will mark these comments as spam. The blogs that do accept these comments are really not worth having a comment on, anyway.

Instead of cutting corners, you should create a list of the top 20 blogs in your industry. Then, work your way through the list by writing a relevant comment on each blog with a link back to your blog. This will help you gain a little bit of traffic, but more importantly, you will gain backlinks from authority blogs in your industry.

3. Article Syndication for Volume Traffic

Many bloggers already use article marketing to drive traffic to their blogs, but this is slightly outdated compared to article syndication. Bloggers used to be able to submit their posts to article directories and gain quite a bit of traffic. However, since the Google Panda update many article directories have lost a large amount of their power. Now, you have to get a bit more creative.

Using article syndication can help you get your blog in front of thousands of people you may not be able to reach in any other way. It will take a bit of time to make the connections you need to use this strategy, but it can bring you a high volume of traffic each and every month.

Start by joining the newsletters of any blogs or websites you can find that are in your industry. Then, read a few issues and send the owner an email commenting on how much you like their newsletter. Finally, offer to provide content for their newsletter with a resource box linking back to your blog.

Newsletter owners need content and they will gladly accept what you can provide, as long as it fits with their newsletter and is high quality content. Many newsletters have thousands of subscribers and you can get your blog in front of all of them. This is better than paying for a solo ad in their newsletter and it does not cost you anything, but a little bit of your time.

Using all Three Traffic Methods Together

Since each of these traffic methods includes contacting other bloggers and website owners you can use all of them together. If you build a relationship with another blogger you can comment on their posts regularly (adding only relevant content to their blog), provide guest posts occasionally, and you can even provide featured articles for their newsletter. This can help you gain a large amount of traffic from their marketing efforts.

The key is to build solid relationships within your industry and continue to provide quality content. If you can master these three techniques and you can find a few great blogger to work with you will be able to gain all the targeted traffic you need without spending any money on expensive solo ads, pay per click campaigns, or other advertising strategies.

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