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It may sound painfully obvious to point out, but the best marketing campaigns possess a creative spark and excite consumers. Of course everyone realizes that’s true.

Unfortunately, many marketers lose sight of that fundamental fact after spending a few years representing the same company or working at the same firm. Indeed, after a while, building a marketing campaign may start to feel like a paint-by-numbers exercise.

If you’ve recently found yourself going through the motions to form new marketing strategies, it’s definitely time for a change. With that in mind, here are three steps you can take to catch lightning in a bottle for your next big marketing project:


Change the Scale

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Most “experts” recommend marketing content should not exceed certain thresholds. Blog posts should be 500 words. Videos shouldn’t last more than 60 seconds. These are things marketers everywhere have heard before. At the end of the day though, such limitations are arbitrary –– made up. In order to get the creative juices flowing, it may be a wise idea to give yourself a bigger canvas to operate on.


Ask an Expert

Many marketers have a background in journalism; what’s more, plenty of content creators are fantastic networkers, yet, they rarely get to speak with clients or experts in the field. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. Consider reaching out to a respected voice in your industry to interview them for a piece on your site.

This is an especially apt tactic for B2B businesses that deal with esoteric products like conductive pipette tips that the general public may not appreciate fully. The next time you’re feeling stuck at your desk remember that you can always seek outside sources for help.


Tackle a Tough Question 

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Content marketers typically focus on the positive aspects of their product or service. Click on just about any professional website and you’ll see plenty of blogs and web pages devoted to the “advantages,” “benefits” “reasons-to-love” product x.

While this makes sense in one regard, it also completely ignores an entire subset of concerns your consumer base may have. Yes, it may be difficult to confront a tough question relating to your service, product, company, or industry, but it’s also a fantastically creative way to alter your current content strategy for the better.

It takes real elegance, deep understanding, and –– naturally –– plenty of creativity to make such a project successful. Still, a new challenge can be a great catalyst for a disillusioned professional.

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