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After the industrial revolution in the 19th century advertising industry gained the boom with the advancement in the technology. It is said that “that shows that sells”.

Now a day’s every trademark or the big industry has their logo and design which represent it and the customers also follow it. The logo of a product is telling about the quality of the product or even the story of the product. Top sellers are very cautious while selecting the design, style, theme and color of their products logo.

Artwork along with alphabets and numeric are usually used in logos. A strong ideogram with a company name supported by a symbol is the main style used today. The logo is the identity and quality of the brand. It is also the acceptability in the eyes of the customers, as they buy the products of good brands without any reluctance.Companies like Inhouse Manager are going towards branding of products and so as customers.

Different color of logos are used to represent different products like;

  1. Red is used to gain attention on highways or to represent something important
  2. Red, white and blue are used for patriotism in US
  3. Green represents hygiene and health
  4. Light blue or silver is for diet food
  5. Lower saturation shows quality, reliability or mix traits.

01. Corner Sport Cafe & Restaurant

02. New logo proposal

03. Chicks n Salsa

04. Zambuka

05. Danny Boy Catering


07. Biel

08. Yellow

09. Salutar

10. Pacific Fish Grill

11. Taco Sliders

12. Ice Cream Love

13. Cia do Suco

14. Tour De Pizza

15. Sips & Soups

16. Newcastle Food & Wine Festival

17. Blake Makes

18. Plated

19.  COCO cafe

20. L’assiette Restaurant

21. Almeda Bakery

22. Chicken Hut

23. Bio Organic

24. Bite Spokane

25. Networked Food System

26. Cristiane Tecchio

27. Cal’s

28. Foodmobile

29. Soulful


30. Panetteria

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