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Easter is almost here and what better was to celebrate than decorating some nifty eggs! Easter is a Christian feast and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary. Easter is a movable feast, meaning it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. The First Council of Nicaea established the date of Easter as the first Sunday after the full moon. This is the reason why the holiday might fall on a different dates every year.

On Easter, eggs are specially decorated to celebrate the Easter holiday. The egg symbolizes new life just as a chick might hatch from the egg. In the Western world, customs such as egg hunting and the Easter Bunny extend from the church, and are often secular.

We spent a few hours searching the web for some creative ideas to get you inspired. Most of the eggs you will see replicate popular tv shows and movies. However we did not forget to include the usual decorative styled eggs. We hope everybody has a happy Easter! If you don’t celebrate it, we wish you a happy Passover or an awesome Sunday!

Have you already design your Easter Eggs? If so, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

Note: All images are linked to their source.

Egg Wars

Dalek egg


Mc Bess


Three Little Easter Eggs

Nintendo-Themed Easter Eggs

Enjoy your breakfast

Zombie Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Chocolate Egg

Onion Egg

Wooden Easter Eggs

Christmas Eggs – Design Side

Nintendo Eggs

Old Easter Eggs

Naruto Egg

Zodiac Easter Eggs

Pokemon Easter Eggs

Yu-gi-oh Eggs

 Easter eggs

South Park Easter Eggs

Sharpies Easter Eggs


Confetti Eggs

Decorated Chicken Eggs

Lithuanian Scratched Eggs

Disney Easter Eggs

Angry Birds Easter Eggs

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