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With a little imagination, you can turn any single object into a piece of art. Today that object is an egg. What started as a creative idea, has spun into a growing trend. Funny egg photography is created by drawing emotional expressions on eggs to tell a story. Today you will witness hilarious scenes that were created by using a marker and a camera. We hope you will enjoy this awesome collection.

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Funny Eggs

Egg Crack

Enjoy Your Breakfast

Egg By Redenvelope

Opti-Easter-Egg by Moramarth

Egg Tray

Death of a loved one by Macys

Eggs Egg Heads by Lilineko

Egg Funny

The hard life of the Egg

One Dozen Egg

Egg 1 by MaryElizabethMcClain

The Fall by FaeriGrl

Survival Instinct… by Rerinha

Eve The Eggshell

The End is Near by Gerry-And-Me

Monstrous Pals by Ainekatt

Derp Derp .. whut?

Happy Egg by Furryness

Overly uneasy

Egglife – It could be worse by Bella-Irae

What’s all the eggcitement about?

After… by Louis Walpole

Devils Eggs

Egg-Olympics by Rerinha

Loosing Eggs!

Egg Love

South Park Eggs

Egg Doom

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