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There is simply no stopping the continuous flow of creativity that a woman’s mind has, regardless of the boundaries and limitations involved. Women are creative creatures by birth, whether they realize it or not. And this creativity transcends all forms of art, and writing proves to be one of the things that they often excel in.

Writing for Women

Women writers definitely have their own style of writing, no matter what form it may take. Some may prefer the more serious route, while others could go for relaxed and laid back. Some could dabble in a bit of poetry and short stories, while others could go for a scientific report or a news article. All these women have different kinds of creativity in them, but they often have a single platform they use to deliver these thoughts: their blogs.

The Right Tools for the Job

In writing a blog, everyone needs to have their own sets of tools to use, regardless of whether they are men or women. And when it comes to blogging platforms, you’ll see almost every writer choosing WordPress as their platform of choice not only because of the efficiency at which its entire system works, but because of the amount of flexibility that it has for customization, making it the perfect tool for the creative mind in any writer.

In starting a WordPress blog, people often think about the kind of tone they want to use, as well as the format that they want to apply. At the end of the day however, it would all boil down to the identity that your blog has. It has to be unique, something that would tell the audiences that this is truly your work and nobody else’s. This is where your choice of theme comes in.

WordPress Themes for the Creative Woman

No two women are alike, which also means that no two bloggers should have the same theme. The kind of theme that any girl uses should therefore be a clear representation not only of their blog theme, but of their personality as well. It’s not just about making the blog look like a woman wrote it. Rather, it should show what kind of a woman the writer is.

If you’re on the lookout for themes that would perfectly represent not only the kind of writer, but also the kind of woman that you are, here are some WordPress themes that could do that for you:

MH Magazine $49


With this popular magazine WordPress theme you can create neat and stylish editorial websites. To style your website, you can choose from unlimited colors to create an appealing color scheme. This theme is also mobile and translation ready and comes with a fully responsive layout to support all modern browsers and mobile devices.

Demo & Download

Stylus – $22


No matter if you are a professional blogger or about to start your new blogging journey, Stylus will help you spread your wings (and save a lot of time!). The minimal and modern design is perfect for personal and business blogs. The theme itself is extremely easy to intall by following simple and detailed instructions included within the package.

Demo & Download

Adorn – $50


Let your products stand out and get your customers to where they need to go easily and simply! The Adorn theme is specifically designed to draw your customers directly to your amazing products, connect with you on social media, and join your newsletter to get all the latest news! Don’t have a shop on your site though? – No problem! The Adorn theme can also be used as just a blog!

Demo & Download

Organic Food – $35

Organic Food

Organic Food is an amazing responsive WordPress theme made by Hipster Theme which is just perfect for minimalist style lovers. It’s simple and elegant, great for Food Bloggers.

Demo & Download

Adelaide – $39


Adelaide is a 2 column, responsive, feminine WordPress theme. It includes various 2 column layouts as well as a Landing page. Theme colors are customizable via the WordPress Customizer. You also have the ability to change the logo and background image via the WordPress Customizer.

Demo & Download

Dorothy – $79


Inspired by Scandinavian home design, Dorothy Theme brings a clean and simple look to your website. The innovative homepage slider covers half the page, leaving the other half for content. With a one column blog, this theme speaks to home decor blogs, design portfolio, etc.

Demo & Download

Camera 7 – $48

Camera 7

Camera 7 is a beautiful photography theme, crafted with care and attention to detail. It includes a minimal design, coupled with beautiful visual effects.

It is really simple to use and manage, includes excellent features that let you build your own blog or photography showcase or website in minutes! It has 5 completely different gallery showcase templates, unlimited color options, it is responsive and optimized to work fast and easy.

Demo & Download

Lynette – $79


Your blog appearance is important to you. Make a good impression with Lynette Theme, a chic WordPress theme designed for stylish bloggers. The homepage will showcase your recent posts from each category; where the category title is clickable to view all posts from the category. The theme comes with 2 menus while slider is located on top of the content & can be disabled, right sidebar and 3 columns footer.

Demo & Download

Hemlock – $38


Take advantage of Hemlock’s clean aesthetic and straightforward functionality to ensure your blog stands apart from the rest in modern sophistication. Aiming to reduce distracting clutter, we’ve trimmed away peripheral elements and lovingly crafted a sleek one-column theme ideal for creative bloggers of any field.

Demo & Download

Honeycrisp – $70


Honeycrisp features a sleek, feminine design with loads of great options for customization options and ease of use. Baked into the theme are amazing typographic controls, color controls, the ability to set your site and sidebar width, amazing shortcodes, and so much more.

Demo & Download

Evangeline – $50


Simply, fresh and feminine responsive WordPress lifestyle theme based on Genesis Framework.

Demo & Download

Rosemary – $38


Rosemary is a light & bright blog theme, tailored to showcase your content in an effortlessly timeless style. Boasting popular features such as a full-width Instagram footer area, a showstopping featured area slider, and an abundance of post & layout options, Rosemary’s clean, contemporary design is guaranteed to wow and inspire!

Demo & Download

Natalie – $55


Simply, modern and feminine eCommerce WordPress theme based on Genesis Framework.

Demo & Download

Jacqueline – $39


Jacqueline is a beautiful WordPress theme. This theme features a feminine soft pink and gray color palette, and a lovely watercolor header image and navigation menu.

Demo & Download

Mary Kate – $70

Mary Kate

A clean, feminine WordPress theme perfect for women bloggers and businesses. Make your site all your own via custom colors, setting your site and sidebar width, uploading custom fonts, and so much more.

Demo & Download



Foody is an amazing responsive self hosted WordPress theme made by PanKogut which is just perfect for minimalist style lovers. It’s simple and elegant, great for Food Bloggers. It’s for use on the self-hosted platform only.

Demo & Download

Ellen Sue – $55

Ellen Sue

Demo & Download

Simply Charming – $50

Simply Charming

Simply Charming is the first feminine parallax WordPress theme built with the Genesis framework! This theme is absolutely gorgeous no matter how you use it, and fits so many different needs!

Demo & Download

Tilala – $39


Tilala is an amazing responsive WordPress theme made by PanKogut which is just perfect for minimalist style lovers. It’s simple and elegant, great for Bloggers.

Demo & Download

BeautyPress – $48


Beautypress was originally designed for beauty, healthcare, spa, therapy, massage salon websites, but  it can be easily adapted to any kind of website due to all the features theme has. Using a Home Page builder allows you to create unique homepage in just few clicks, simply add and drag-and-drop elements on desired position. The layout is responsive, looking great from a desktop view down to a smaller mobile resolution.

Demo & Download

Itsy – $39


A modern, minimal, beautiful and pretty WordPress theme. Want a lovely big homepage hero image? You’ve got it. Want a grid of your sticky posts on your homepage? You’ve got it. Want a cool and collected minimal design, with gorgeous share overlays, search overlays and a beautiful mobile experience?… then Itsy is your cup of tea.

Demo & Download

Biscuit – $49


Biscuit is an amazing feminine responsive WordPress and ecommerce theme made by PanKogut which is just perfect for minimalist style lovers. It’s simple and elegant, great for Food Bloggers, Designer, Photographer and Bloggers.

Demo & Download

Florence – $43


Allow your content to shine with Florence, a classically crisp blog theme. Featuring both sidebar & full-width layouts, a variety of post layout options, and numerous sidebar & footer widgets, Florence excels at exhibiting your work in an airy and cohesive presentation.

Demo & Download

Coastal – $49


Coastal is a modern and minimalist WordPress theme for today’s creative professional. Crafted for designers, makers, artisans and photographers, Coastal is made for anyone with stunning work and a story to share.

Demo & Download

Pinup – $49


“Pinup” is an amazing feminine responsive wordpress theme made by PanKogut which is just perfect for minimalist style lovers. It’s simple and elegant, great for Illustrator, Designer, Photographer and Blogger.

Demo & Download

Black Ink – $37

Black Ink

A responsive WordPress theme for sharing your work.

Demo & Download

Ella – $39


Ella is a responsive theme for WordPress designed specially for creative photographers and photos lovers. The main advantage is the large adaptability of home page. Try the live demo, says more than a thousand words.

Demo & Download

Chamomile – $79


Your brand is sweet and sophisticated. Bring charm and chicness to your website with the Chamomile WordPress Theme. This enchanting theme with mint green color scheme tells a tale for photographer, paper stationery, wedding, and event planning brands.

Demo & Download

Minimalista Pro – $70

Minimalista Pro

Minimalista Pro is extremely attractive with it’s minimal design approach. It’s clean and chic. Sure to match all your websites’ content with the theme’s colors being black, white, and gray. Minimalistia Pro has a very professional approach and is sure to embrace your blog’s or business’s brand! Minimalista Pro is elegant and can be either feminine or masculine, depending on how you choose to dress it up! Comes complete with a Portfolio page and amazing new style and flair!

Demo & Download

Devine – $50


The Divine theme is all about versatility, personalization, and more! This theme can be used for any genre of blog or site, can be customized to fit your images and style, and completely make it your own!

Demo & Download

Flourish – $50


We want your new website to not only look gorgeous, but we want it to flourish! With the new Flourish theme, it will help you do just that! This theme is gorgeous and will surely take your business to the next level. Whether you’re a stationery shop, photographer, or simply a blogger, this theme can work for just about any type of site there is!

Demo & Download

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