Street painting, also known as pavement art, chalk art, and sidewalk art, is the performance art of rendering original and non-original artistic designs on pavement such as streets, sidewalks, and town squares with impermanent and semi-permanent materials such as chalk. The tree dimensional phenomenon started way back in the 16th century and the artists back then were known as street painters. Now it has a variety of names like 3D art, sidewalk art, and chalk art. Regardless of the names, all viewers come to one important conclusion; 3D art is mind blowing!

These works are created using a projection called anamorphosis. This process creates a three dimensional illusion when viewed from the correct angle. Often, the human brain creates invalid assumptions quickly without judgemental thought. As soon as we understand that these drawings are on a flat surface, fascination rushes through our veins.

Today we will showcase breathtaking 3D street art paintings by professional artists. Trust us when we say professional, I tried to create something simple and failed miserably. Apart from my clumsy mishap we can assure you will only see high quality work. As always we hand picked the best examples for your viewing pleasure.

Note: All the images are linked to the original source.

3d Pavement art- Sp – foto Pintura Finalizada!

3D Street Art Abu Dhabi

3D sidewalk art

3D sidewalk art by Julian Beever

DHL by Julian Beever

Eiffel Tower by Julian Beever

Ballantine’s by Julian Beever

Costa by Manfred Stader

White River Rafting by Julian Beever

Slight Accident On A Building by Julian Beever

Idea Festival by Julian Beever

3d Pavement art- Sp – foto Pintura Finalizada!

Ice Age by Edgar Mueller

Waterfall by Edgar Mueller

Lava Burst by Edgar Mueller

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