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Guido Daniele is an Italian artist that is well known for his incredible hand painting artwork. Guido graduated from Brera School of Arts (major in sculpturing) and he has been painting and participating in personal and group art exhibitions since 1968. In 1990 he added a new artistic experience to his previous ones: using the body paintingtechnique he creates and paints models bodies for different situations such as advertising pictures and commercials, fashion events and exhibitions.

What so amazing about his work, is knowing that the pictures only use human hands and arms to give us the visual perception of the art implied. As you may see At&t has hired Guido to do an ad campaign for their phones(picture examples listed below). We hope that his art will inspire you as it did us.

We thought it might be interesting to see how the whole process work so we included a video below.

For more info on Guido and his work, please check out his website

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