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James White is an incredible artist from Nova Scotia, Canada. He has been a creative person ever since he was able to hold a pencil. Starting to draw on every scrap of paper he could find, James’s mother had to stop keeping typewriter paper in the house. As soon as she would know it the pretty blank paper would have doodles all over.

In 1995 White was accepted to the Graphic Design program at the Nova Scotia Community College in his hometown of Truro. Upon graduation with honors, James was accepted into Interactive Technology at the Nova Scotia Community College in 1997. Immediately after graduation in 1998 he was hired into the booming web industry.

During his 12-year career he has had the pleasure to work for a number of professional companies performing both web and print design, gaining experience through a wide variety of projects and clients, both large and small. Here are just a few companies he has had the pleasure of working with: Toyota, Google, Wired, Nike, Mtv, Vh1, Universal, Armada, Motorola and Diesel.

White’s personal art and design ambitions have landed him in many worldwide creative publications such as Computer Arts magazine, Computer Arts Projects, Advanced Photoshop magazine, Wired UK and the spanish DT Platinum magazine where he was included in their ‘21 People of the Century’ article.

Personally James is an easy-going guy who loves art, design, illustration, and some quality heavy metal. His passion shines throughout his work and we are not afraid to say that he is surely one of the most innovative designers out there. We strongly respect James and would love to share his artwork with you. Without further ado, enjoy this beautiful showcase!

Note: All Rights Reserved by James White.

Blade Runner


Digital Arts Magazine


Red Bulletin

Signalnoise Apparel

Drive movie poster

Broadcast Art Show

Tuts+ Network

Action Thriller 4




Hobo With a Shotgun

Nike Running

Robot Rock

La Femme

Reckless Love

Tron Legacy


The Smuggler

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old


Roller Town

2001: A Space Odyssey

The Sword

Montreal Meets

Green Lantern poster

Wheel of Fortune

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