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A mock-up is a scale or full-size model of a design or device, used for teaching, demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, and other purposes. The mock-up serves as a prototype or the product envisioned. Mock-ups are mostly used by designers mainly to acquire feedback from their clients. Mock-ups address the idea captured in a popular engineering one-liner: “You can fix it now on the drafting board with an eraser or you can fix it later on the construction site with a sledge hammer.” To make life easier and workflow faster, we collected some worthy product mock-ups for your future/current projects. We hope you will find the following collection useful. Enjoy!

Realistic Logo Mockups – $6


Create a realistic display for your logo in few seconds. These PSD files uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace the mockup content easily and quickly. This set of mockups focus on new improved texture & surfaces.


Responsive Screen Mockup Pack – $5


This responsive screen mockup pack allows you to quickly display your designs and layouts into a digital device showcase. Smart-layers allow rapid replacement of screenshots. Once you update the smart-layer, all devices running that screenshot are instantly updated!

This pack contains 28 devices, 8x iPad, 8x iPhone 4S, 8x iPhone 5, 3x Apple iMac and 1x Macbook. In the single PSD file comes all original devices, along with 8 premade examples


Poster Mock-up Templates – $4


  • 4 psd template files with 3 different poster sizes.
  • Template size: 2500×3281px
  • Very easy to modify. All you have to do is copy and paste your image.


Stationery / Branding Mock-Up – $12


  • 12 Psd files
  • Easily editable via smart object
  • High resolution 3000×1987
  • Changeable background via smart object
  • Changeable sides appearance
  • Photo-realistic
  • Images are high resolution so you can crop them and achieve many different results
  • Primarily optimized for: (however you can insert any image size via smart object and adjust it to fit this mock-up)
    • Letterhead (A4)
    • Business card (9×5 cm)
    • Envelope (1/3 A4)
    • Folder (31.5×24.5)


Tee Mockup – $6


This t-shirt mock up file can be easily used and opened in Adobe Photoshop CS or higher. The psd contains:

  • 1880×2175px psd file
  • Highest detail possible
  • Models in the image are myself and Tashina so don’t worry about non-unique photos!
  • Nicely named and sorted layers
  • Place any single-layer image on this awesome tee mock-up!
  • Awesome feeling & quality (right?)
  • Also, the background is removable/changeable. Don’t worry about cutting the image.


Smart 3D package box – $4


Elegant 3D box elements that will enhance your graphic and web projects alike to make it further visually appealing. The boxes are Smart Objects that requires just placing your image and the box will be updated automatically.

  • Smart Objects
  • 2 layered PSD files
  • A step-by-step instruction file (PDF)
  • Editable Vector Shapes
  • Scalable
  • All Colors Alterable
  • Named Organized Layers


3D Asymmetrical Web Page Display – $3


  • Perfect for displaying templates, web pages, photos etc.
  • Choice of five gradient backgrounds and also a handy wrap over banner for high-lighting offers, prices or promotions.
  • Very clean layers, well organized with instructions for customizing the images included.
  • Requires Photoshop CS4


Business Card Mock-up – $6


Create a realistic display for your business cards in few seconds. This PSD file uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace mockup content easily and quickly.


Hands on tablet – $3


The hands are the different layer, so you can move, rotate, combine them, or anything that gets on your mind.


Photorealistic A4 Brochure Mock-up – $9


Photorealistic A4 brochure mock-up. Easy to use with smart objects. Just open the psd file and then replace all of the objects.


Shopping bag mockup – $4


This shopping bag mockup will provide you an elegant way to present your logo or graphic creation to a client. And it’s really simple to customize, just drag and drop.


Stand Display Mockup – $5


Create a realistic display in few seconds. This PSD item uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace mockup’s content easily and quickly. The item includes view from three different angles for optimal display.


Billboard Mock-up – $3


A professional displayer of billboards, you can easily change the SmartObject image. Reflections and shadows are done automatically. Good for websites, products, presentations and more…


Album Cover CD Mock-Ups – $3


Display your album cover design with these mock-up files. Simple to use with just a copy and past to edit both the cover art and background textures. Jewel case and digipack mock-ups included.


Corporate and Brand Identity Mock-Up – $8


Present your branding or stationary idea in a professional way. With the Corporate and Brand Identity Mock-Up you can save a lot of time and not at least money, and even you can get new customers as well you can get. Under each object you can find in separate layers the shadow, so you can control the strength and greatness of the shadow layer separate from the object.


Bottles and Ice Mock-Up – $5


This very useful Graphic Template is a great showcase for drinks, cocktails, toothpaste and every product that needs to be showed on a frosty cool scenery.


Exhibition Blister Pack Mock-up – $5


All elements have a very detailed design and they are all vector shapes (even shadows).


Clear Glass Bottle Packaging – $4


An elegant clear bottle mock-up for your next packaging design.


Cosmetic Packaging Mock Ups – $3


Layered PSD files of Beauty Hand Cream Mock Ups. Add some flair to your next cosmetic project with these editable files.


Paint Can – $4


  • SmartObject that allow easy customization
  • The paints color is fully editable
  • 4 different handle positions
  • Brush ON/OFF
  • Paint dripp ON/OFF
  • The size of the image is 2500×3000 at 300 dpi
  • Shadows and reflections
  • All reflections of the labels changes as the labels are changed
  • 4 can labels are included(Pantone-labels shown in the pictures)
  • Instructions for how to make the most out of the image is included


Tablet App UI Mock-Up – $11


Special for developers and app ui designers, to preview their apps in a professional way, showcasing details and focus on the iPad Retina Display apps.



Give your artwork presentation a professional look with realistic previews.


  • 9 Different PSD Files
  • Easy to edit via Smart Objects
  • Outdoor and Indoors Images
  • Photorealistic Images and results
  • High Resolution Files, Up to 2500×1700 px
  • Adjustable Sizes


Spray Can – $4


Layered PSD -file of an spray can that uses Smart Objects to create the label so it can be created in a separate file.

The cap can be either on the can, besides it or none visible. The spray cap has three different positions. The label is in a separate file (Smart Object) so it is created “flat” and then automatically wraps around the can. The label can be in any shape and transparent so the can is visible where theres is no label.


App UI Close-Up Mock-Up – $5


Special for developers and app ui designers, to preview their apps in a professional way, showcasing details and focus on the iPhone 4 apps.


Mock-Up Pack – $6


  • 8 Layered Psd Files, Ranging in Size From 4000×2000 To 1667×2500 Pixels
  • Place Your Images In The Smart Object Layeres (Help File Included)
  • There’s A Mockup For Most Presentations, Cd, Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Billboards Etc…..
  • Need Help, Email Me & I’ll Do All I Can To Make It Work For You
  • No Posters Or Backgrounds Are In The Files (For Backgrounds Just Find A Picture Of A Wall Or Anything & Place It In The Smart Layer


Food-Bag Product Mock-Up – $3


Simple and easy to edit graphic food-bag mock-up with smart objects for one-click editing!


Van & Delivery Cars Branding Mock-Up – $6


Simple and easy to edit graphic food-bag mock-up with smart objects for one-click editing!


Poster Exhibition Gallery $11


  • Poster Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Logo and Branding designers


All-Star Shoes Mock-up – $4


Quickly illustrate A Shoes Mock-up You can add any background, choose the shoes color, place your own pattern design. All textures are done automatically.


3D Jigsaw Puzzle Mockup – $4


Create a puzzle image in seconds, paste your picture into smart object.


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