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Are you aiming to get that dream job of yours but don’t know where to start?

Pay high priority to your resume.

An impressive resume can go a long way and if you would like to make that positive impression, finding a good resume template to base your own resume on can really help you out.

It may seem like a small and inconsequential thing to some, but the appearance of your resume really does have an effect on the professional image you would like to project.

This sheet of paper can be your ticket to success, and minding how it looks can make a huge difference on your life!

Think of your resume as a one-page reflection of yourself. As much as you can, aim to be the best professional you can be while pouring personality into your resume as well.

Depending on the profession, there may be different kinds of applicable resume formats and designs.

Some are more creative – like for those in the world of graphic design, while others may need to be more formal or scholarly if you’re in a field like banking or education.

Whichever field you find yourself in, having a great resume to help you present yourself successfully in the most appealing way on paper can help you land that job.

If you’re not sure which colors to use or what layout to follow, I find that choosing from visually appealing templates helps.

Your resume doesn’t have to be boring. A unique layout, the right combination of colors, font faces, and sizes can all contribute to how great your resume can be!

There are many resume templates out there, and sometimes, having too many options can be overwhelming.

This is why I’ve gathered some sexy resume templates that are bound to grab the attention of your potential employer.

Let’s take a look:

Resume Template 4 Pack | CV Template



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Resume Template | The Whitney



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Resume template for MS Word



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Resume Template 4 Pack | CV Template



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Resume Template 4 Pack | CV Template



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My Resume V1



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Resume & Cover Letter Template



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Clean Resume Template Pkg.



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Clean CV Resume



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Resume Template 4 Pack | CV Template



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Resume Template + Cover Letter WORD



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4 in 1 Timeless Resume CV Set



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Resume Template 4 Pack | CV Template



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Resume Template | The Hannah



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