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Who knew photographing water droplets was this interesting and beautiful? Markus Reugels has developed a method of releasing precisely timed water drops that collide to form pillar-like/weirdly shaped structures. With the probability of chance, the amount of variations of this artwork is unlimited. In case you were wondering what his workstation looks like, check out the image below:

“My pictures are not manipulated with photoshop! I only sensor spots and small splashes remove the disturbing, the tones and contrasts are naturally processed. I can see but as digital darkroom. This allows you to amplify existing in the image again and soften the visual impact.” – Markus Reugels

The results continue to amaze us, and others who have witnessed the beautiful side of liquid. Feel free to see more of his wonderful work over on his Flickr account or his website. Enjoy!

Note: All Rights Reserved by Markus Reugels.

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