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Reddit pegs itself as “the Front Page of the Internet,” and in many ways it is. With its lack of a central authority, it really symbolizes the free, user-based control that has become the hallmark of the World Wide Web. What it does is it organizes and ranks interesting content based on user votes.

While Reddit content is great, the comments are often even better. In the comments you find, discussions and ideas are in abundance – the system balances highly voted comments with newer ones, while making back-and-forth conversations seamless.

Being a discovery engine, it allows you to find the best of the internet. It’s not just based on popularity, as you can also find things that specifically fit your interests – limitless subreddits can be created for things almost as broad as Earth’s history – for example, you can specify to things as specific as birds with photo-shopped arms.

The following subreddits are a great selection to help you with daily living, learning new skills and ideas, educating yourself about the world and generally improving yourself.


1. /r/todayilearned/ – A huge library of trivia, TIL is filled with little facts about literally everything. Learn something new every day, or post things you already know.

2. /r/LifeProTips/ – Little things that make everyday living a bit easier.

3. /r/lifehacks/ – Living up to its tagline – “uncommon solutions to common problems”, you can find life hacks that help with any problem here.

4. /r/Frugal/ – Ideas on how to save your resources – not just money, but also time and energy.

5. /r/needadvice/ – Get advice on anything other than romance. You can get outside perspectives to help you with your issues, and you can also give your own input to help others with their problems.

6. /r/productivity/ – The place to go if you have trouble getting work done and need some methods to get productive — just don’t use this subreddit to procrastinate.

7. /r/GetMotivated/ – Get up and do what you need to do. Get motivated and motivate others with this great subreddit – it really inspires action.

8. /r/socialskills/ – Become more outgoing and friendly, and break some of that awkwardness everyone struggles with. You can find tips on socializing, solving some of your life-related problems, or you can offer encouragement to others.

9. /r/diy/ – It’s Do-It-Yourself central – The one place that is all about doing, building and fixing things on your own.

10. /r/askscience/ – With this community of scientists, you can get any scientific questions answered and discussed. Also, you can learn about interesting topics and queries that other people brought up.

11. /r/AskHistorians/ – Learn a bit more about the past from other redditors’ questions, get your own questions answered, or join in discussions about historical events and ideas.

12. /r/LearnUselessTalents/ – Talents that might seem useless to one person might be gold for the next. You never know what interesting things you could learn here.

13. /r/Startups/ – The hub for entrepreneurs of all kinds for reading great success stories – also for getting advice and providing encouragement.

14. /r/fascinating/ – Get lost in this forest of facts – it will leave you thinking. The information here can be about anything, as long as it gives you a sense of wonder.

15. /r/Blowit/ – If being fascinated is too mellow for you, blow your mind with this subreddit. Find the most shocking, unusual and remarkable bits of trivia here.

16. /r/DepthHub/ – Learning bits and bobs of everything is fine, but if you want to participate in in-depth discussions, this subreddit is the place to go. The comments here explore a wide variety of topics, and they deeply examine each one individually with many different viewpoints.

17. /r/cooking/ – Anyone can cook with the help of this subreddit. One can literally spice things up in the kitchen with a whole load of recipes, tips, techniques, useful gadgets and appliances, and anything else that’s food-related.

18. /r/dataisbeautiful/ – Organize and visualize the workings of our world. The graphs, charts and diagrams of this subreddit will help you learn, understand and put things into a better perspective.

19. /r/travel/ – A collection of the hundreds of wonderful places around the world.

20. /r/meditation/ – Become one with everything, or just find some new techniques, interesting stories and much more about meditation.

21. /r/truereddit/ – Commonly being considered as “reddit as it’s meant to be” – with insightful articles and intelligent discussions — this subreddit is certainly a great place to find new ideas and to expand your world view.

22. /r/simpleliving/ – A place for people who live the simple life to share their ideas and tips, and to learn how to live a calm stress-free life with more freedom and joy.

23. /r/books/ – Everything literature-related is at this subreddit. With analysis and discussions on book authors, genres and essays, you can find new interesting reads, in addition to new perspectives on books that you may have already read.

24. /r/selfimprovement – Make yourself better than you were yesterday. This subreddit gives you insightful stories and ideas on how to change your mindset so you can work on reaching your full potential and to be the best you can be.

25. /r/howto/ – This subreddit offers a collection of tutorials and guides that illustrate how to do a variety of things. From how to tie a bow tie all the way to how to escape a sinking car, you will find things that you didn’t know you even wanted to learn.

26. /r/IWantToLearn/ – Slightly different from other subreddits, this one tries to connect you directly to someone who can teach you what you want to learn. Although it is especially useful if you have very specific needs, you can still learn a lot from other users’ questions.

27. /r/seduction/ – While this subreddit is mostly about getting girls, it also offers great advice on how to improve your confidence and to how to be comfortable in your own skin.

28. /r/explainlikeimfive/ – Need a complex thing explained without all the jargon? Here you can get your questions answered as well as finding plenty of concepts other users needed clarifying.

29. /r/getdisciplined/ – This subreddit offers advice on how to get your life organized.

30. /r/ – The Khan Academy of reddit – with its multitude of topics, it’s perfect for studying things you haven’t learned in class; or it can be great for intellectual curiosity.

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