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What has calcium, vitamin D, and is nutrient rich? If you guessed milk, then you are 100% correct! Milk is an extremely common beverage around the world, and is believed to be recession proof. Usually we all know milk by the ugly plastic bottle with the different colored caps to showcase it’s percentages (of course the design varies if you are reading this from another part of the world). The boring design hurts my eyes each time I take it out of the refrigerator. This makes me wonder if the companies even care about how their product is presented to us. The cold hard truth is that most of them don’t really care, and are only in it for the money. A few passionate companies however care about their brand too much to leave the plastic bottle un-designed.

The reality is that milk gets bad in a matter of two or three weeks. Business wise, there is no point to spend money on a design that will get thrown away in a couple of days (I’m not saying this is what every single company thinks, but most of them do). Think about this for a moment, other packaging gets thrown away as well. Take for example chocolate bars, we eat them and thrown them away, but does the packaging on them looks boring? We can all understand saving money, but when you make a great product, you should make great packaging for it as well.

Today for your inspiration we have collected some incredible examples of milk packaging design. The following students, designers, and design agencies took creativity to a whole new level. Coming up with milk designs might sound easy, but when you are presented with a black piece of paper it’s certainly not. Most of the following designs are still in their concept stage, however a few of them you can find at your local grocery store. If you are a packaging designer, we believe this unique collection will get your creativity juices flowing!

1. Student Work – Pau Puig Vázquez

Designed by Pau Puig Vázquez | Country: Spain

2. Student Work – Michela Monterosso

Designed by Michela Monterosso | Country: Italy

3. MLK

Designed by Depot WPF Branding Agency | Country: Russia

4. Spotted Cow

Designed by Motto | Country: United States

5. Soy Mamelle

Designed by KIAN | Country: Russia

6. Mew

Designed by Default | Country: Thailand

7. 8th Continent Soymilk

Designed by BBDO West | Illustration: Ben Javens | Country: United States

8. Student Work – Audrée Lapierre

Designed by Audrée Lapierre | Country: Canada

9. Bill’s Milkshakes

Designed by ILoveDust | Country: United Kingdom

10. Student Work – Arantxa Rues

Designed by Arantxa Rues | Country: Spain

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