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Well-known for its k-drama and k-pop, many people tend to forget that Korea also a country that has many talented illustrators work for game, publishing, fashion and animation industry.

Highly skilled and unique art style, many of them are highly educated as they attended university (some attended overseas university) studying illustration or fine art. However only few of them received international fame. Korean creative industry rapidly producing candy entertainment, like pop music and television drama. It’s very likely that creative products that take a long time to produce gonna be left behind. it seems that illustration industry is one of them.

Fortunately, super massive game industry in Korea still need a lot of talented illustrator creating concept art, characters and game world. Many of those game received international fame, and it also bring fame for illustrators involved on the making. And that’s how some Korean illustrators received their international fame.

Let’s not forget publishing and fashion industry. Many Korean illustrators specialized on creating arts for storybook, many of those books are published overseas and many of them have won an international competition. As recently many people mentioned that Korea will be the next fashion mecca, many Korean fashion illustrator already in the business for quite long time, creating arts for fashion brands or magazines.

What we love about Korean illustration is their skills and presentation. High drawing skills combined with intricate details and colors choice that provide moods is really fulfill a human desire for good illustration pieces. Their unique individual style makes it easy for audience to differentiate one illustrator’s work from another. We really hope that these illustration become great inspirations for creative people out there, especially if you are illustrator.

Chun Eunsil

Chun eunsil illustration take us to the time when we were small and there’s this very beautiful children storybook that we used to read before sleep and hug during sleep. Pastel colors and unique characters combine with perfect composition, visual flow and balance, her works will amazed both children and adults. Do you notice that funny signature in the corner of each illustration?

Seon Ai

Seon Ai is female illustrators, with distinctive childish character design in bright solid colors. Working almost exclusively for printed media, her artworks featured in many fairy tale book, history book and Korean folklore book.

Kim Jung Soo

Kim Jung Soo better well-known as Cocobroccoli always depicting herself as a white rabbit. Her illustration will take you into her imaginative world that bright and full cute characters. Little girls would really love her artworks, because they’re so beautifully created and have playful taste.

Shin Jae Won

Shin Jae Won, as known as Wona, said that he want to bring happiness to everyone who see his illustrations. Happy is the right word to describe the feeling arise inside you when you see cute and lovely animals in a bright colors.

Mari Kim

Mari Kim have degree of Multimedia and Animation Studies from Melbourne, Australia. She draw cute girl character with big eyes that will remind us of Betty Boop. Her international fame arise when she created album artwork and music video for Korean girl band, 2NE1.

Yang Yusung

Calling herself as Yusung, her illustrations are full of intense colors. Sometimes it looks very moody and dark, the other time it looks so light with bright colors. Although many of her arts show childish drawing style and character, she can also draw realistic objects. Check out her portfolio for very realistic birds and dinosaurs illustration.

Jinyoung Shin

Jinyoung Shin is brought to USA when she was a child, but grew out in very thick korean culture. perhaps, that’s why her illustration heavily based on manhwa style. Her arts is a cross between beautiful and bizarre, with skeletal characters with very long arms and legs and minimalistic colors. Yet, once you see her arts, you will remember her forever.

Minjae Lee

Minjae Lee was born Jan 11, 1989 in Jinhae, South Korea. He is John Galliano fans and self taught in drawing. His drawing is full of model like women combine with colorful abstract mosaic style. He has totally unique style that you might never found it done by somebody else.

Yong Joon Cho

Yong Joon Cho working mainly for printed material like children book, book cover, brochure and text book. You may notice his unique brush technique.

Tae Querney

Tae Querney was born in Seoul, but grew up in Seattle and currently living in New York City. Models in her fashion illustration, mostly drawn only from the waist upwards.

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