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Paper is an application made for the iPad by FiftyThree, Inc. This awesome free app allows you to capture your sketches, drawings, diagrams, illustrations, and notes. With its easy to use interface, you’re able to bring your ideas to life while storing them all in one place. The application was designed from the ground up for touch and creating on the go.

What I love most about Paper, is its ease of use. After you download the app, you’re presented with a welcome tutorial to get you started. All of the instruction are straight forward and after a few minutes of sketching, you’ll be navigating the application like a pro. Their custom ink engine is built to react swiftly to your movements, you’ll see what I mean once you use the app. So if you have an iPad and you’re an artist or designer, you should definitely give Paper a try.

Today we present you with thirty-five beautiful artworks created with Paper. We collected these illustrations from FiftyThree’s official Tumblr blog. Enjoy!



made with paper

Brooklyn Bridge

Playing with watercolors

This is an Island that I like to visit if I’m lucky enough to be invited.

Thinking my next tattoo… Maybe a carp

The Scream

Made With Paper by Seth


For sushi lovers.

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