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As you may know Apple is the King of minimal design. Their beautifully crafted hardware and software has started a growing trend of followers. Many companies that design software for Macs have the same attitude towards their image as well. You will see this being resembled in their application design, logo design, and website design. The main goal in mind is to be different, unique, and high quality. The websites listed below fall no shorter than those terms. I think we can learn a thing or two from the design and simplicity of these apps.

  • Vibrant colours
  • Neatly organized
  • Large buttons
  • Large Typography
  • Beautiful icons
  • Well Designed layouts
  • Modal windows
  • Pixel Perfect interface design

1. Versionsapp

2. Espionage

3. Pixelmator

4. Cornerstone

5. Postbox

6. Delibarapp

7. Siilverbackapp

8. Espresso

9. Notify

10. Getconcentrating

11. Pulp

12. Thoughtsapp

13. Snowtape

14. Thehitlist

15. Delicious-Monster

16. Snapplr

17. Checkoutapp

18. Sequelpro

19. Tangerine

20. Coda

21. Droplr

22. LogBook

23. Appbodega

24. Billings

25. Hibariapp

26. Courier

27. Kaleidoscopeapp

28. Trackrecordapp

29. Binarytricks

30. Appzapper

31. Capo

32. Anxiety

33. Invoy

34. 280slides

35. Acaciatreesoftware

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