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Running, walking, working out, biking, and other sport activities are healthy for your body. We were not meant to be couch potatoes, that only walk to and from the car. Believe it or not, I personally workout three times a week. I don’t force myself either. I’m literally exited to go workout, and release built up stress. It’s like an addiction I can’t explain. However I did read an article that said a special chemical gets released in your brain when you do physical exercising. Maybe that’s the reason I can’t stop. If that indeed is the case, I’m glad I have an addiction to staying fit!

According to Center of Disease Control, one-third of U.S. adults (33.8%) are obese. If that doesn’t sound bad, approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. This is nothing to be proud of, and we need to change those numbers. So how can a lazy person lose the unwanted weight? One might say by exercising.

I would agree 100% that exercising is a great option. However here is the down side, you are dealing with lazy people. How do lazy people think they can lose weight?Simple, by using harmful weight-loss drugs. Later on they find out that the commercials were too good too be true. Now the only option left (without using liposuction) is to actually workout at a gym.

What most people don’t realize, is that the weight loss companies praise unhealthy foods and restaurants. Why you ask? Simple, that unhealthy food is creating potential consumers for their product. Whether you thinks that true or not, is up to you. This conclusion is based solely on my personal experience, and should not be taken professionally. While it sounds sad that’s how this world works, it’s just simply business.

Let’s move away from the ugly truth. One of the things I love about the fitness industry, is that there are so many creative ways to advertise ‘health and fitness’ products. We came across some truly clever ads that will excite you to get fit. Some of them are provoking, some are hilarious, and one of them actually makes you do neck exercises. We wont spoil that surprise 🙂 For other advertising professionals who are reading this, we hope these ads will serve as great inspiration for your next project.

World Gym: Problem, 3

Classic Fitness Centre: Belts

Fitvibe: Exercise

Silberman’s Fitness Center

VIP Gym: Chairs

Total Nutrition Corporation, GNC Burn 60: Burn bag

Y+ Yoga Center Advertisement

WeightWatchers: Bus

Powerhouse Gym: Cable flys

Oxygo Gym

Fitness First Bus Stop Scale

Fitness Trainer Zohra Mouhetta

Gold’s Gym Costa Rica: Belt, Button, Tie

Powerhouse Gym: Leg press

Weight Watchers: Doors

YKM Shopping Bag: Jump Rope

Fitness Company Dumbbell

Fitness Company Subway Iron

Bootcamps Australia: Bed

Gold’s Gym: Elevator

Gold’s Gym: Facebook

Sharmila’s Yoga Zone: Directions

Fisic – Fitness Center: Rock Hard Abs

Summers Coming Downtown Fitness: Beer Keg

German Olympic Sport Federation: David

R2 Fitness Club: Christmas Girl

Gold’s Gym: Truck

Fitness Experience Santa

Compannia Athletica

Drive Communication: Brain fitness

Wellness fitness equipment: Adultery

Sportplausch Wider SPW Bikes: Hip

Godoi Muscle Gym: Metric tape, Thigh

Be fit: Chocolate

Sparring Partner Gym: Hanging

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