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Your computer gives you the evil eye when you attempt to load Photoshop on it, and the built-in Windows photo editor is simply not doing it for you. When you need some photo help, but you don’t want to assemble a new computer to get it, your salvation may be in the cloud. Cloud-based applications primarily utilize the power of their servers over your own computer, so the system requirements aren’t nearly as stringent.

Plus, you access these applications without ever installing them to your system. Your web browser works for access. Whether you’re looking to fix a few family holiday photo cards or you have a full line of product photos to work through for your small business, cloud-based tools provide you with an easy way to access the best software for your needs.

Adobe Creative Cloud


If Photoshop has killed your computer more than once, but you truly love the software, you finally have an option. Adobe’s Creative Cloud is the answer to your prayers. Adobe has Photoshop and other essential Adobe products hosted within the cloud, accessed for a monthly fee. This is a helpful service if you simply can’t afford the massive upfront payment that purchasing a copy of Photoshop requires.

The cloud-based tool has all of the same features and options that Photoshop offers, as well as extra applications that come with the cloud service. You can purchase a plan for a single application for $19.99 or all Adobe cloud-based applications for $49.99 monthly.

Google Plus


A social network is an odd selection for an online photo editing tool, but Google Plus’ photo editing features are impressive enough to make this list. The auto enhance is a particularly good feature if you’re only looking to quickly edit your photos for social networks or sharing purposes. This feature allows you to focus on picking out the best pictures to share instead of stressing over how to make them prettier.

It’s easy to upload and download pictures within the social network, even if you’ve never used the service before. You don’t have to make the photos public if you don’t want to. This service is browser-based and available free of charge.



Fotor is a free online photo editing application that offers a variety of features such as HDR, added effects, collages, text, clip art, photo card creation and basic editing options. Not only can you access this software through online browsers, you also have iPhone and Android apps available so you can edit your photos on the fly from your phone. It’s an easy to use and colorful editor that might not be as complex as Photoshop, but it gets the job done if you need the basics covered.



Splashup, also known as Fauxto, gives you free photo editing and management features. It also integrates into social image sharing sites such as Picasa, Flickr, and social networks such as Facebook. You have pixel level control, layers, all of the basic photo editing tools you need and a familiar interface that’s quite close to Photoshop. If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced than Fotor, but not as complicated as Photoshop, Splashup sits nicely in the middle.

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