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You value your time, so when free tools come along that can save you hours of coding and debugging, it’s a pretty big deal. Here are four free Yahoo! Web Development tools you need to know about. They’ll definitely speed up the website development process.

1. Yslow

And, since we’re on the subject of speed, let’s start with Yslow. Is your site running slower than you would like? Are you wondering why your Google Analytics are showing that visitors are bailing out of your site? It might be a speed problem. With this Yahoo! tool your pages get graded based on either user-defined or predefined rules.

Next, it makes suggestions based on the set of rules you have selected. You might need to move scripts to the bottom and stylesheets to the head, for example. The free download is available for Chrome, Opera and Firefox. There’s also a mobile bookmarklet version.

2. Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit

For developers who also find themselves doing design work, this kit will come in very handy, since it includes a great selection of the visual elements designers use all the time, like buttons for forms, calendars, navigation tools and common social interaction elements. Downloads are available in a wide variety of file formats, such as PNG, PDF, and XML so you can easily import into popular software suites like InDesign and Fireworks. Items in the Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit dovetail with code from the YUI Library which eliminates guesswork with regards to your final design.

3. Yahoo! Hosted CSS

Cross-browser compatibility issues are always a pain. With these YUI components you can eliminate a lot of those headaches. Grids, Fonts and Reset packages are available but you can also use their minified, efficient file that combines all three. Pages render faster because these files are loaded from a Yahoo! server, freeing up your server to load in parallel. And, if you want to make changes to the code, it is open source. While you’re checking out the CSS, carve out a few minutes to look over all the other excellent components available to you in the YUI library.

4. YUI Compressor

We started this out by talking about speed. Let’s finish in the same way. The need for speed is more important today than it has ever been, especially with the huge increase in smartphone web surfing. Code needs to be lean and mean. This tool can help out in a couple of different ways.

First, YUI Compressor minifies JavaScript without sacrificing quality. According to Yahoo! the tool saves over 20% when compared to the savings delivered by JSMin. The tool also reduces the size of CSS. The open source application looks over your files removing whitespace and making safe substitutions where it can.

Find a little time to review these four Yahoo! Web Development tools. Remember, they’re free and like Martha Stewart would say, “That’s a good thing.” We hope you enjoyed this article/tips! We would love to hear your opinion and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to comment below. For more useful content please don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspirationfeed on TwitterFacebook! If you enjoyed the following article we humbly ask you to comment, and help us spread the word!

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