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Having the right set of habits is the key to your blog’s success on the Internet.

If you’re like me, you constantly obsess over improving your blog by reading through hundreds of blog tip articles and follow the progress of popular bloggers religiously. You’re always on the lookout for some new plugin, code snippet, color scheme, typeface, ad placement, or writing technique that will help get that extra subscription or organic visitor.

While this is a great way to find out what’s new and trending in the blogging world, it’s important to keep a set of good habits in place to make sure you stay productive and on task. Design, SEO, and writing tips will vary from blogger to blogger, but the mindset, or mental habits, tend to stay the same.

Even if you don’t possess these traits already, they can be implemented with practice and persistence over the course of time. The best part is that these habits will not only help your blogging behaviors, but how you lead the rest of your life too.

Here are 4 great habits for successful blogging:

1. Be Consistent

Regardless of whether you believe long posts or short posts are better for readers, everyone will agree that you have to be consistent. The more blog posts you put up, the better your writing will get over time, the better your ranking will get on search engines, and the more readers you’ll get to follow you regularly. If you only update your blog once a month or even once a week for that matter, you’ll lose reader and crawler interest very fast, even if you release 25 posts all at once.  People want to see fresh, new content regularly, and that takes consistency in researching, writing, editing and posting updates to your blog on your part.

2. Stay Organized

People who read blogs either want to learn something, or react to something. As a result, you should either be giving them information or entertaining them. Know your topic and then stick with it. Choose a niche that describes your blog as a whole and then try and relate all your content back to that subject in some way or another. Get your reader’s attention with a catchy title, and then organize your post in a way that’s easy to read. Even longer posts are usually organized into shorter paragraphs, bullet points, tables, charts and numbered lists to keep their readers interested and on point.

3. Do your Research

Analyze your blog’s most viral content and know what websites, search engines, and keywords are getting visitors to your site. Know your competition and know your audience’s needs and demographics. Then customize your content, design, and overall focus of your blog to satisfy those needs. This will help you determine what advertisements to place, what to write about because you know who you’re writing for. In addition, make sure you’re thorough in researching your subject before writing to insure the originality and validity of the blog post and your credibility as a writer.

4. Manage yourself

Everyone loves the idea of working from the comfort of their own homes and being their own boss. But in order to be successful in this type of lifestyle, you must be able to confidently manage yourself. When you’re working from home and have no one to report to, it’s easy to get side-tracked visiting social media sites, watching TV, sleeping in, or being mindlessly amused by your dog or cat.

Before you know it, the day is done and you’ve accomplished nothing. Being a successful blogger means having the habit of taking the initiative in your life. Have goals set out for the week and get them done. You’ll be more consistent, organized and overall a better writer if you learn to be your own manager.

So what other habits do you think all bloggers should have?

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