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When it comes to ranking your web content on the first page of Google, website links will be the key to your ranking success. Many website owners treat links equally. Even though there are several link building methods available, building the right portfolio of links for relevancy and authority will allow your site to catapult past competitors and into the top ranks on the first page of Google. Digital marketing agency and link building experts Digital Next offer the following link building tactics that are guaranteed to elevate your organic search rankings.

1. Broken link building

This type of link building is one of the most challenging, but can make your website’s rankings improve rapidly when executed correctly. The method involves searching for authoritative websites that are relevant to your niche and looking for links to content that lead to a 404 error. The URL can be placed into the ‘Wayback Machine’ to find the content that previously existed on the linking web page. The URL can also be placed into link analyzing sites like Ahrefs, Majestic, and Open Site Explorer to see which sites previously linked to the content.

The idea is to notify those sites that their link is broken and suggest the link to your content as an alternative. As long as the content offers the same or more value, the webmaster should be happy to link out to your content.

Links from these web pages are usually high in authority. Ranking improvements should happen quickly since the authority from these pages quickly transfer to your website’s pages.

2. Skyscraper method

It is a similar strategy to broken link building. The idea is to develop valuable content that is heads and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Find popular content that has been shared and linked to in your niche and collect a list of the sites that have linked to the content. Some things to consider when revamping the content include:

  • Does the content need to be updated with new information?
  • Should the content be presented better?
  • Does the content need more facts, statistics or quotes?
  • Does the content need compelling images or videos?

Once the content has been developed, you can then outreach to those websites in your database to share the newly developed content for them to share on their website.

3. Link reclamation

This link building tactic is the easiest ‘quick win’ for website owners to implement. The tactic involves finding mentions of your website, authors or representatives on other websites. You can use Google search or tools like Google Alerts or Collect a database of the sites and outreach to them via email and ask them if they can update the mention with a live link. Most web editors should be happy to make the change.

4. Engage in PR activities.

PR is a great way to earn natural links to your website from authoritative sources. To successfully gain PR citations, you need to contribute towards a newsworthy story. This can be achieved by:

  • Submitting newsworthy tips to media outlets.
  • Contributing quotes and stories to journalists and media editors.
  • Release research or reports to the media.
  • Share a press release.
  • Nominating your business for an award.
  • Offer commentary to a current news story.
  • You can reach out to journalists, editors or media outlets directly. You can also use services like HARO (Help a reporter out) to contribute to their stories. Successful PR activities should earn you a link mention for your site.

When it comes to effective link building, the quality of the link will provide much more value and amplify your website’s organic search presence. Depending on the niche you are in, 20 to 100 highly relevant and authoritative links could make your site dominate the industry. Follow these link building tactics that have been provided and your site will be guaranteed to gain SEO success.

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