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Brand awareness is an important factor that can bring huge impact to your business. It is when you are building your business identity to let consumers known that your business exist. Brand awareness is an essential marketing aspect that every business, especially start-ups and SME, needs to master in order for their business to be known to their target audience.

However, brand awareness does not just stop in making your consumers know your business. It goes beyond building brand identity. Along with building the identity of your business and other elements of brand awareness, you also need to find ways on how you set your business apart from others. To attract more potential customers, you need your business to standout from the rest in your industry.

Here are the 4 practical ways on how you can make your brand standout.

Stay Creative


If you have a dream to take your business to the next level, you also have to take your brand awareness effort to a higher level. These days, to market your brand, you need more than just hard work and skills, you also need creativity. Users are sick of seeing the same marketing tactics over and over again and they have become wiser on choosing who to trust in business.

As marketers, you need to unleash your creativity to attract customers and keep them interested in what you offer. Remember that it is a crowded market out there and your creativity can make you stand out. Creativity is your X-factor. You must know how to present your business in a way that your competitors cannot. Position yourself as experts and give emphasis on your business’ strength which nobody else have.

Answer Questions

Basically, the main reason why users go online is because they are looking for something… they need to find the answers to their question. According to statistics, 55 percent of American adults go online to find information. As marketers, you need to know what your target users are looking for and what their needs are. You should provide them with what they are looking for in your website or social media accounts.

It is not easy to know what your users needs but with enough research, you will find the answers. Likewise, you have to put yourself on your costumer’s shoes and ask yourself; As a costumer, what do you want to see? What do you want to know and what are your needs? Answer these questions and it’ll be easy for you to provide them with their needs.

Build Sincere Connections

If you want to make your brand standout, you have to make it stand out for a longer period of time. Standing out is not enough if it will only last a short time. Costumers will forget you sooner or later. Thus, it is important to build a lasting brand awareness campaign. A campaign that will make your business stick to the mind of your target audience.

Unless you are a celebrity or superstar like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, you cannot make a lasting brand identity if you don’t build connections to your target consumers. Building sincere connections to them through social media, online reviews, websites or any form of interaction will make them feel that they are valued. Minimize salesy messages and pitches and focus on building good business-costumer relationship through honest engagement with them. Consumers love to be valued. It is one of the traits that they are looking for in any business. If your costumers feel that they are getting value, it will give you an edge over others which will make you unique and more preferred by users. Furthermore, once you have earned the trust of your costumers, your business will more likely to be recommended by them.

Share Stories Not Brand

Share Stories

The way you promote your business can build your personality and brand identity. If you don’t want to look like everyone else, do not do what everyone else is doing. Stay unique. Make your brand promotions meaningful and memorable. Instead of promoting your brand, why not share stories and real experiences? Take for example the marketing strategy made by WestJet to promote their brand last Christmas of 2013. Their viral video of “Christmas Miracle” has garnered million of likes not because they have good advertisement but because they have shared great story and real experiences.

Whether you like it or not, users will choose brands that connect with them in a more personal level and that you have to do. Shift your focus to sharing stories and experiences and do not just focus solely promoting your brand.

Last Words

Brand identity is not built just by having a logo or a website. More than these basic branding elements, you need to integrate essential marketing strategies in order to build your brand and make it standout. Branding matters a lot in business growth and in order to stay ahead of competition you have to do more than just creating a logo, websites or graphics of your brand. Put these tips above into practice to make you brand stand out from the rest.

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