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With many possibilities of Photoshop, one magical category continues to turn heads. That skillful technique is knows as photo-manipulation. With the power of photo-editing applications, we are now able to merge two things together and get a surreal result. It may look like a piece of cake, but this kind of image editing takes many hours of practice.

For your amusement, we collected some creative animal photo-manipulations of experienced artist. All images present are of two different animals conjoined as one. Whether you think this is weird, creepy, or cool we hope that you will enjoy this inspirational showcase.

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Note: All images are linked to their source.

Chimera by Anabole

Geckat by Human Descent

Snorange by Human Descent

Mosquito by Thomas Mangold

Swat or Swanat or Cwan by Human Descent

TankCrab by Walter Van

Flog by Danail Nikov

Duckbill Fish by Danail Nikov

Chameleon by DeHenri

Camel by Kaffeine

Un Perro Ropa by MZK Design

Black bear by Guillaume Ulrich

Slow Tongue by Enzzok

Fatness Giraffe by Thomas Mangold

Zebra Frog by Oilcorner

Hippo Frog by Oilcorner

Catduck by Césinh

Piphant by Human Descent

Global Warming Evolution by Pepey

Cazard by Angi

Witte Molen by Leandro Camara

Vege Chicken by Monocoello

Mechanical insect by Gerry Mak

Flying Pig by Electric Art

I’m A Dog? by Karpat Polat

VW Beetle by Waltervan Santen

Vortimer on the Rainbow Bridge by Diane Ozdamar

Zebra by Kassandra

Snappy by HumanDescent

Llamouse by Imamon

Squirgull by Josh Stockwell

Moo by Sebastian Niedlich

Toucan play that way by Human Descent

Fungusaurus by Onanymous

Cyber Frog by Marochromix

Sammy The Spidat by Human Descent

The Wily Fock by Human Descent

Killer of Its Own kind by Hosmer23

Turtle Burger by flaunted

Liowl by Human Descent

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