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Over the years, has fearlessly called out industry giants such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, Vogue, and more for their flagrant misuse of Photoshop. With numerous lawsuits, angry emails, and rants from famous models and photographers, Psdisasters still continues to follow their mission; point out everything unrealistic, physically impossible, and just plain strange-looking in today’s advertising.

Just like grammar Nazi’s, people who believe proper grammar and spelling should be used by everyone whenever possible, there are graphic designers, photographers, and photo editors who solely focus on bad photo editing. For them, bad adverts stick out like a sore thumb.

Everybody makes mistakes. We’re supposed to learn from our wrongs, right? Well, when money and reputation are both on the line, the cute “we all make mistakes” excuse doesn’t cut it.

Today we collected 40 entertaining Photoshop mistakes for you to enjoy. While we don’t really know the background story of each advert, one thing for sure is that the teams or departments behind these mishaps need to take a class on quality control. So without further ado, we invite you to come along and enjoy the overuse and abuse of Photoshop in the advertising industry. Enjoy!

Whose hand are you holding bud?


You’re too close bro.

You're too close bro.

A Winning Smile!

A Winning Smile

Don’t forget to bring a towel!


C’mon, you can’t even get the calendar right?


Oh boy, can’t wait for the opening!


The missing ring, the bloody knife, the creepy smile… I think he is sending a message to his girlfriend that his wife is no longer a issue.




A wink and a smile can go a long way!

a wink and a smile

This hurts my eyes.


The slogan is pretty painful too.

The slogan is pretty painfull too.

This is just sad…


Trustworthy online news.


That’s hardly a practical outfit to be wearing on a picnic.


Beautiful cityscape!


This is wrong on many levels.

This is wrong on many levels.

This apartment complex looks a bit spooky.


The soccer mom with an over-sized hand and the oiled up bodybuilder with an over-sized wrench are here to sell you… dishwashers?


That inflatable pool sure does fit a lot of people, huh?


Blow up disaster


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