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To save time and money, it’s a great idea to have a massive collection of different fonts. That way when you get client work, you won’t have to keep searching/downloading new fonts. Many designers are in search of pictograms, decorations, ornaments, and silhouettes type fonts. Rarely do you find useful fonts, because most of the time they are not very attractive. Little did you know that we have managed to find attractive and high quality dingbat fonts . We hope that you find the following collection of fonts useful!

Quick Tip: How to convert the dingbat into a fully functional vector.

  1. Type the dingbat font in Adobe Illustrator
  2. Go to Type > Create Outlines
  3. Now you have a vector that can be used as a logo, icon, symbol, or whatever you please.

Oh, and guess what the best part about these fonts? They are all free, so start your downloading spree now!

Kalocsai Flowers

Birds of a Feather


LP Flowers


Flower Ornaments



Crowns and Coronets



Tattoo Parlor

WC Rhesus


We Spray

Dead Letter Office


LT Sweet Nothing

Damask Dings

Border Corners

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