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First to start things of, let’s get one fact straight “We are all human beings.” Sure we have different tastes and opinions that create the outcomes for our decisions. However the reality is that nobody in the world is better than anybody. No matter how rich, how smart, or how pretty/handsome you are, you should have no right to think you are better than anybody. Are you different from others? Yes, we are all unique in our own way, just like fingerprints, and will never be exactly the same.

Life is a short journey not to create who we are, but to actually find out who we are. I don’t want to sound like some wise old man from the Himalayan Mountains, but I strongly feel it’s the truth. We spend our lifetime learning, hanging out with friends, working, doing our favorite hobbies, helping others, and much more. We are living creatures that want to express ourselves and let everybody know who we really are. You cannot judge a person by their looks or the way they’re dressed, because you would be extremely foolish to do so. Remember one thing, Never judge a book by it’s cover.

Why is “About Me” Important?

So now you are probably wondering how does this gibberish tie up with an About Me page. The internet is a brilliant tool that we are blessed to have, judging by how addicted I am to it, I could not see myself living without it. Clearly there are millions of people that feel the same way. Refering back to my previous statement of us wanting to express ourselves, we do a poor job of it online. Maybe you don’t want people to know your favorite color, that fine and I completely understand that you want to keep some things private. However if I’m a business owner looking for a developer or a designer for my next project, how in the world do I know who you really are? Keep in mind that this doesn’t just go for designers or developer. This should go for everybody who runs a website, business, or a blog.

When I visit a website and read an article, I might agree with the authors thoughts and feelings. What if I want to find more info about who wrote this article? Was it a guest author, was it the website owner, or was it a robot (I hope not)? People more than often like to meet and connect with new people, for that exact reason you should at least provide an about the author box, or and about me about us page that lists the people who write the content. An about me page should give a general ideas of who you really are. Here are some things you should share:

Things you should consider sharing:

  • List your skills – What kinds of things are you good at? People won’t know unless you tell them.
  • Share what kind of education you have – Be sure to tell people about what you know and whether you went to College, Institute, or a Technical School. What
  • Offer your name – It’s obvious, but some people still don’t do it. If you want to protect your identity you can create an online only alias that you use for everything.
  • Keep the information up to date – Update your page frequently. Got a new skill you’ve learned? Share it!
  • Offer your location – This one can be very arguable. Don’t literally list you address, just the city you’re from. If you are a professional agency however, you should list your address.
  • Include a photo of yourself – This is completely optional and self explanatory.  Obviously if you run a business, a professional picture with a business suit is very proper. I don’t think people want to see you doing a keg stand.
  • Be personal and friendly – Be yourself not a robot!
  • Keep it professional – If you run a business be very clear, descriptive, and accurate on the info you provide.
  • Consider adding a video – This one is very web 2.0 ish. You could in theory describe yourself and let people know who you are.
  • Call to action – Consider listing social networks were people can connect with you like Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.
  • Be Honest – Don’t ever lie about anything, sooner or later people will find out the truth.

Now that you have some knowledge about an about me page, here are some of the best examples for your inspiration!

1. Tyler Galpin

2. Jean Delbrel

3. Red Tiki

4. Epicagency

5. Henry Brown

6. Keenan Wells

7. Aleksandar Grkinic

8. Blogsessive

9. Ngenworks

10. Chris Spooner

11. Rogie King

12. Jaredigital

13. Dawg House Design Studio

14. Joseph Payton

15. Veerle Duoh

16. Leihu

17. Kitschen Sink

18. Gisele Jaquenod

19. Dayna

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