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In this time and age when wall designs and table knick-knacks are used to produce Instagram-worthy photos, typography and hand-lettered designs are more popular than ever. Every now and then you look for a quote online to express what you feel and save the best one – usually written in intricately-designed letters in eye-catching colors – to share on your social media account. Or you want to change your desktop or mobile wallpaper and you search online for designs and become bombarded with a ton of them – from simple, clean fonts to fancy, sexy letterings. You need a new art, and voila, a line from your favorite book or movie/show written in hauntingly gorgeous typography and you’re all set.

Typography isn’t just about letters and designs. It’s also about personality and character. When you ask a letterer to design something for you, you will be asked what you want to express. You can have a cutesy type of font if the design is for kids; clean, simple lines if you want to evoke a minimalist feel; or sexy letterings if you want something provocative or sensual. A slope, a curve, a line, a dot of a letter design can do that for you.

Lettering and typography are also emotion-driven. You can easily detect what emotion the design wants to portray just with the size of the letters, the intricacies of the design, the colors used to sharpen or lighten the design’s mood, the composition of the overall design and many other little things.

Designs can come from various sources – inspirations from normal everyday happenings, muses, or even ideas from other designers, too. If you’re just starting to dabble in lettering and typography or a seasoned one who wants fresh ideas, here are 40 alluring and sexy typography posters that will stimulate your creativity, ignite your passion, and help you create a brand new masterpiece.
















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