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If you meet a future business partner its very important to make a great first impression. Of course the first impression is your posture, attitude, clothes, and speech. The way you basically handle yourself around new people. After the conversation, its always a good idea to network (exchange/get each other information.) With todays technology we use v-cards, and or apps that help us manage all of our contacts.

Many people think that business cards are dieing out and are a hassle to carry around. This is where you come in and take advantage! Not only will you stand out of the crowd, but you will be remembered by a physical item, which in this situation is a business card. Its not easy to be remembered by an ugly business card that will get thrown away as soon as you turn around. This is why going that extra mile for a beautiful design is totally worth it.

If you are in need of inspiration for a great letterpress business card then this collection should help. The cards below are all designed with quality in mind. When designing remember to be different and think outside the box. This world is full of copycats everywhere, so being unique gives you a huge advantage over the competition.

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