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If you didn’t know by now, Danbo, the box toy character, is the Amazon mascot. This word Danbo comes from danboru, the Japanese word for corrugated cardboard. Commissioned by Amazon Japan from Azuma Kiyohiko, this custom toy was designed to appear as a golem brought to life from discarded shipping boxes. Some Southpark fans might recall that this looks alot like  “Awsome-O.” If you do not know what that is, just look it up on Youtube.

As we all know Amazon is the Walmart of the web. You can literally buy almost anything on the site while getting a great deal. This toy provides a creative approach to marketing by showing a more sensitive side of the company. “Here is a little toy that is cute and adorable, now I will only shop at Amazon… for ever!” If it was only that easy. Amazon continues to get free publicity from this friendly character, but some would argue that it’s more than that.

The adorable toy has sparked traction in the photography community. As simple as it seems, this toy has spun off in a life of it’s own. Photographers everywhere around the world were inspired to make something artistic with Danbo. Almost every single image tells a short story. Flickr alone has many contributions to this, dare I say, phenomenon. We appreciate and encourage the spontaneous creativity. Today we present to you a great collection of inspirational Danbo photos. We give you a 100% guarantee that you will smile at least once, or your money back 😉

Note: All of the images are linked to where we originally found them.

Happy New Year


Too Much Cake

Amazon Box Robot

Cute Rain



Don’t Fly Away



Cookie Greed

Candy Jar


I Want Some Coffee

Yay, Sushi!

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