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Julian Bialowas is a Photographer & Graphic Designer based in Canada. While juggling his final year of design school and freelance work, he ran two big personal projects:365q and 16HOURS. 365q was intentionally created to inspire, motivate and get you out there. All of the quotes were collected from books, newspapers, articles, lectures, conversations, films, etc.

16HOURS, however, is the result of a collaboration between Julian and fellow designer Sian Richardson. Named after the expansive time difference between Julian (who’s in Calgary, Canada) and Sian (who’s in Sydney, Australia), 16HOURS is a magazine aimed to get you inspired from each and every angle of life.

“I attempt to incorporate designs and phrases which work well with the photograph,” says Julian. “They usually end up showcasing how I felt on the days the photograph was taken, or at the time of creating the edited 365 piece.”

When he’s not behind the lens or screen you can find him in the mountains. He enjoys wildlife as much as he does the sceneric views from above. Oh, and he’s also a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, minimalist & an avid adventurer. Today we will showcase some of our favorite works by Julian. We hope the following images will enlighten you as much as they did us!

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