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Electronic business cards, know as V-cards were started by Tim Van Damme( first website in the roundup). The main goal of the V-card, is to display your information, portfolio, and social networks. Tim’s innovation inspired may others to follow, and create their very own minimalistic V-cards. The goal of this article is to inspire you to create your very own V-card. To help you own we provided some useful resources right before the roundup, so check em out! If you know of any we forgot to mention please comment below, and let us know.


If you would like to create your own for free, check out

If you would like to purchase beautiful templates, check out

Free WordPress themes:

1. Timvandamme

2. Alexn

3. Josh Pyles

4. Julian Wachholz

5. Avadh

6. Wine Geek

7. Maykel Loomans

8. Kevinholesh

9. Vin Thomas

10. Ivorpadilla

11. Antoney Calvert

12. JR Tashjian

13. Jakeprzespo

14. Janvanlysebettens

15. Mike Jolley

16. Liji Jinaraj

17. John Bloomfield

18. Flip Sasser

19. Thierry Castel

20. Lewin

21. Brandon Weiss

22. Davymacca

23. Chrisrowe

24. Joao Silva

25. Michael Glubokyi

26. Chriscarey

27. Jamie Calder

28. Jramsay

29. Ryan Glover

30. Mark Tyrrell

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31. Joshua Rjones

32. Gaborszauer

33. Michael Villar

34. Milind Alvares

35. Maximilian Schoening

36. Florian Pichler

37. Chris Wallace

38. Rogieking

39. Matthias Kretschmann

40. Tyler Galpin

41. Aref Jdey

42. Ilina Simeonova

43. Kevin Liew

44. Lee Norris

45. Nouincolor

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