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Remember back in the day when we had an ugly square box with an image inside, and on the right side would be a checkout box? This used to be the generalized appearance of most e-commerce stores. Ever since we moved into a digital era where you can buy physically anything online and not hurt your eyes while doing so! At this point and time it would be much more ideal to purchase a desired item online rather than the store. Much thanks to Amazon, I have found thing to be even cheaper than what I would pay at Target or Walmart.

While the design of an e-commerce website went from ugly to beautiful, e-commerce based web design is still plays as a huge challenge for web designers. In order to succeed you have to be unique, engaging, creative, and worry about the user experience. We all know that the top priority for any e-commerce website is to sell their products. However, overlooking design and rushing to that step is unintelligent. When I shop at a store, I want to enjoy the experience. Having an attractive e-commerce design makes me appreciate what the company offers, and creates a chance of me becoming a regular customer.

Many corporate websites have so many different things going on once you visit their home page. Sooner that you know it, you have been bombarded with information overload. Sales, discounts, promotions, buy one get one free, and much more unnecessary spam. This collection is purely about aesthetics. Personally speaking I would enjoy shopping at any of the stores mentioned below. Thanks to their attention to detail, they should stand as an example for any designer in need of inspiration. If you are currently designing an e-commerce website, we hope these 45 wonderful examples will get your creative juices flowing.

Note: Click on the image to take you to the website.

1. Peternappi


2. Custombagshq

3. Suckyeah


4. Flylondon

5. MojoThemes

6. Thecassette

7. Campluxe

8. Geekletics

9. Coucoushop

10. Tinkeringmonkey

11. Lega-Lega

12. Crumpler

13. Bi-Lo

14. Handle With Love

15. Ball Chair

16. Hungarian Wine Society

17. Genes Sausage Shop

18. Makr

19. Desina

20. Style and Conscience

21. IWC

22. Boob Baby

23. Design Collectors

24.  Jules

25. Archiduchesse

26. L-R-G

27. Airwalk

28. Brew Shop

29. Mykea

30. Sanctuary T

31. Bell

32. Baked Shop

33. Steve and Co

34. Lather Bee Rich

35. The Peach Design

36. Water Works

37. By Threads

38. Mom and Popcorn

39. Need Supply

40. TwelveSouth

41. Camper

42. Madsen Cycles

43. Nestliving

44. Jaqk Cellars

45. 20×200


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