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In this article we decided to do the unthinkable, “judge a book by it’s cover.” Let’s think about it, if there was no need for book cover design, a lot of graphic designers would be out of a job. Not only that, but authors would just have the most minimal and or basic book cover designs. If this was a reality, this world wouldn’t be the same. Also one of the biggest reasons we need book cover designs, is because “A picture says a thousand words.” Agree with it or not, but this quote is quite true. With confusion at mind, you are probably pondering how both of the quotes mentioned can be comprehended without contradiction.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” – you should not judge anything/anyone by the way it looks.

“A picture says a thousand words.” – even though it says a thousand words, does not meant the 1000 words are correct.

Most people get attracted by the books cover, and if they’re interested they will read the short description on the back cover. So in the celebration of book cover design, we have collected 45 books that will catch your eye. Most of the books below belong to a variety of different styles such as minimal, photo-based, illustration, and typographic. Wehope you will gain some knowledge and inspiration from the following designs.

1. The Science Of The Bottom Line

2. Uncommon Sense

3. The Storm

4. Rebound

5. We Are The Friction

6. The Third Man Factor

7. The Opposite House

8. Bodies

9. The Spatial Economy

10. Special Topics In Calamity Physics

11. L.A. Rex

12. Oryx And Crake

13. The Toothpick

14. The Filth

15. Da Capo Best Music Writing 2005

16. Sun In A Bottle

17. The Jewish Messiah

18. The Song Of Names

19. Oh The Glory Of It All

20. A Plain Account Of Christian Perfection

21. Final Exits

22. Rant

23. Reading Comics

24. Bookmark Now

25. The Rebels

26. How To Date In A Post-Dating World

27. Quarrel & Quandary

28. A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian

29. Body

30. Like You’d Understand, Anyway

31. Lucky Girls: Stories

32. Waterfront

33. Chances Are

34. The Hakawati

35. The Yiddish Policemen’s Union

36. The Pale King

37. The Shallows

38. Do Me

39. Glory

40. Flash Fiction Forward

41. Columbine

42. Manhood For Amateurs

43. The Ghost Soldiers

44. Wonderful World: A Novel

45. New Bedlam

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