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This is our eighth edition of the ongoing creative photography series. More than often, the images collected are manipulated. Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception. Instead of using technical retouching, most of the images are creatively retouched. This means that the overall goal of the artist is to create sleeker and more interesting image for advertising or other purposes. If you have your own beautiful photos, you can design and publish your photo books online!

Showcases that we present are broad because no categorization it at place. The overall goal is to show you a staggering collection that will get your creativity flowing. If you wish to check out our previous posts, they can be easily accessed at the end of this article. We spend a large amount of time searching the web, and hand picking the most creative photographs. We hope that you will appreciate this form of art, and get inspired to create your own! Enough talking, grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Note: All of the images are linked to their original sources.

Dog and Cat by BenHeine

Plane by Hermann W.

Clown by Pancho González

The Figurehead by Donjuki

Peanut Butter & Jelly by David Schwen

Reunite by Bhaskar Dutta

Heart by Bhaskar Dutta

Cooking Afternoon! by Marina Gondra

Brooklyn Bridge Sunset by Philipp Klinger

Cool Book by Muthu Krish

Errant Sign by Dan Chui

Calavera Del Toro Left by Grain Damaged

Toilet Paper Loudreams by Jacquet Fritz

Sunset by Pixheaven

Commander by Egon Gade

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