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Most entrepreneurs are really good at what they do, they have great business ideas, are good at getting customers to buy their products and just seem to have it all going for them, yet at  the end of the day, so many of them still struggle to at least break even.

Why does this happen? Well the truth is, while business acumen may have its place, it just does not cut it. You need to know how to manage the money you make to enjoy increase and profits in business.

So does this mean that you start racking your mind trying to figure out how to get enough money to hire a financial advisor? Well, not necessarily. Even the most financially illiterate businessperson can learn to be financially smart and manage his business finances perfectly with a little help from the great business apps mentioned below.



Unless you are a qualified accountant, you have to admit that creating expense reports is no fun. Who wants to spend an hour a week trying to make out the illegible scribble on receipts and transfer them to their Excel worksheets?

Well that is where Expensify comes in handy. This app is created specifically to easily generate expense reports for you.  It allows you to scan all your receipts and transfer your credit transactions (which you can import from the web) and upload them on the app, which then takes into account all this information and generates a comprehensive expense report for you.

The app costs 5 dollars per use and is an easy solution to your expense report troubles.



This app is great for keeping comprehensive financial accounts. It is particular beneficial to the small business owner who can probably, without batting an eyelid, tell you how many sales they made the previous day, but cannot possibly take into account the gas they used and the other odd expenses they may have encountered in the course of making those sales.

The app pools in information from all your accounts together, taking stock of all expenses (even the ones you probably will not remember) and creating a comprehensive report. It can also help in projecting future financial needs so it is great for budgeting.



This is for the business owner who has any form of subscription program for their customers, even if their products are not digital. The app allows you to operate the program from one place easily. Some of the features it has include allowing you to vary subscription and deadline dates, and effectively manage special offers and coupons.

This reduces chances of you disappointing customers who genuinely had coupons, just because the program was not managed, as it should have been. Charges are relatively low for businesses that have below 500 users of the program, but they spike after that. That should not be a problem though; it just means you have many paying customers!

Fresh books


This app comes in to help business owners who hate creating invoices just about, as much as they hate making expense reports. The app makes it easy to create an invoice by having some simple automated steps. Not only does this make the process much simpler, it also makes it much more streamlined, creating a more professional outlook for your business.

The app does not stop there, in the areas where it does not provide support, it collaborates with other apps such as InDinero and Expensify to make your life that much easier. The app provides the infrastructure for up to 50 employees to do their jobs easily using it.



Most business owners can relate to the panic that grips them when they realise that their tax reports are almost overdue and they have no idea where to start. Teaspillers does not necessarily help you do your tax reports yourself, but it is a great resource that can connect you with hundreds of qualified tax professionals who can easily do the job for you.

You are allowed to make your price quote the particular needs of your organization and before you embark on your search so that you only get professionals who are within your price range, and who are qualified to do what you need done.

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