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Some of the most authentic forums have recently informed the webmasters and bloggers about the Panda 3.2 update from Google. It should be noted here that Google has been in the news for releasing new updates for tracking the potential and ranking of websites.

Though the company Google has already suggested that this update is just a sign of freshness for the database but the experts are more concerned about the effects on a number of websites. According to the latest report, almost 40% of the websites and blogs will be affected in the rankings of search engines.

Google new Algorithm Update – Panda 3.2

It is the first time when Google has launched its latest update in the name of Panda 3.2 on January 18, 2012. The webmasters will without doubt feel the heat of this update as it has by now affected the rankings of website. It should be noted here that the company has already mentioned about the freshness update. The discussions have already started among the webmasters about the rankings, change in the freshness criteria and other important points that to the highest degree supervise the websites.

Announcement of Panda 3.2 update

Some of the comprehensive changes that Google has confirmed in the latest Panda 3.2 update indicate about the freshness of the content posted on your website. No doubt, this update deals with the universal searching option and finding strategies that users generally apply on the internet. This update sincerely makes efforts to bring top quality sites in the company’s index and ranking list. This will be just an algorithm change which will bring freshness to the database of Panda. Some of the experts also suggest that Google is trying to promote Google+ rather than improving the search quality.

Google Panda 3.2 Update – some vital changes

1. Fresher results and faster auto complete – Google has tried its best to bring the latest and most updated results to the valued users. The auto complete will also be much faster to give solutions to your predicted queries.

2. Cross language refinements – A change in the Panda 3.2 update will also be dealing with the language display. The users will get their results in the typing language.

3. Algorithm improvements for high quality websites – Google has promised the users and online surfers to give them fresh results and high quality contents. This has been done to find the best and topmost blogs or websites.

4. Relevance in Relates search – There is an update in the model of ‘Searches related to’, which is often displayed at the bottom of the Google search page.

5. Improvement in image searching quality – Nowadays, scrolling on the image search page will be capable of moving the whole page unlike the previous days.

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